Month: September 2010


QPR’s Supporters Trust are delighted to offer our congratulations to Neil Warnock and the players for the fantastic success they have enjoyed this season. No wonder the accolades and plaudits are pouring in, with Warnock and Taarabt winning Football League monthly awards for

QPR focus on Asian Youths in search for new talent

Last month, Queens Park Rangers teamed up with Sporting Equals to organise a talent programme targeted at Asian youngsters. minority ethnic groups. Ishan Saksena Chairman of QPR declared: “It isnaive of football clubs to assume that just because they run a youth programme,

Non-League Day

QPR’s Supporters Trust is happy to support the “non-league football day” on Saturday 4th September. The scheme  is the brainchild of James Doe, a supporter of Harrow Borough FC. Its aim is to promote the semi professional game in this

Future of Hoops Fund

The Hoops Fund was set up seven years ago and resulted in £15,000 being raised with the idea that the money would be spent on buying shares in QPR to be managed by the Supporters Trust.  For some time it

Increase in number of arrests at QPR

The number of football-related arrests in England and Wales fell last season, according to Home Office figures. The figures were welcomed by the Government in helping the bid to host the World Cup. Yet the figures are disappointing news for