Sharebank Scheme

QPR1st is now a shareholder in Loftus Road plc, thanks to its Sharebank scheme.

As the first to make use of the scheme, QPR1st chair David Price said, “I am very proud that my 1,800-odd shares have been used to get QPR1st Sharebank started. QPR1st is now a registered shareholder. The shares held by ordinary QPR fans and small shareholders amounts to a significant percentage of the Loftus Road company so, if we all club together, we fans can make a voice as loud as any other at the club.”

QPR1st’s Sharebank scheme is designed to give the Trust itself a significant shareholding in the club. Using this, though there are no guarantees that this will happen, QPR1st will continue to press the club for proper fan representation to ensure that the club’s financial practices remain sound.

Although at the moment there is no public trade in Loftus Road plc shares, they retain their voting powers.

Thousands of small shareholders lost money on QPR shares prior to the club’s fall into administration.

What we propose

We at QPR1st have set up a scheme, which allows shareholders to donate some or all of their shares to the Trust. All it takes is for you to complete a form, included in the share bank brochure ,which we will provide to you, and post it with your share certificate to us at QPR1st. We will forward the transaction to Lloyds TSB in Worthing who will process it.

To donate your shares, view and download the Sharebank documentation and transfer forms here. Sharebank Scheme

Feedback from some shareholders indicated that whilst they supported the idea of the scheme, they would like to be able to get their shares back in the event that they resume public trading in the future. A pledge has therefore been added to the Sharebank rules so that any shareholder signing their shares over to QPR1st can get them back from the Trust on request.