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Turn Up if you Love Rangers 2

This is another fan-based initiative led by LSA (, QPR1st (, the newly launched Official Supporters Club and the various independent QPR websites and fanzines to help our club in terms of revenue.   The support this season has been

Play football at Loftus Road for £10!!!

QPR1st are looking for footballers to play at Loftus Road in a six a side tournament organised by the LSA. The tournament will be held on Bank Holiday Monday 5th of May 2003. A squad of 10 players is needed

Harrow Fans Forum Report

Tracy sent this report to us in the early hours of this morning. Here’s a very quick summary of tonight’s fans forum. I didn’t take notes so it’s from memory, and as I’m writing this at 1am following the event,

Matt Winton’s Icelandic charity challenge

Rangers fan Matthew Winton is about to face one of the toughest challenges of his life as he prepares to take part in a charity cycle ride across the mountains and volcanoes of Iceland. He, along with nine other cyclicts,

QPR take on Brentford, One more time!

With our two teams unable to be separated on the pitch this season, the and Internet community, have got together in order to decide for themselves who is the real West London Champions. We need to show that

QPR 1st – QPR calendar launched

Looking for a present that is QPR through and through and gives excellent value? You need the QPR/QPR1st calendar. For just £5.00 each, you can have what QPR chief executive David Davies describes as, “The best QPR calendar ever produced”.

Letter to the PFA and protest news

QPR1st have written to the Gordon Taylor at the PFA to register our concerns over the effects of possible strike action. QPR LSA are leading on a joint demo with Swansea fans on Sunday. As the game is live in front

FA Cup update

fter contacting Swansea City this morning we can confirm that we will have a terrace allocation of 2,110 and 332 seats. Prices are yet to be decided. The ground is very easy to find. Junction 42 off the M4, follow