QPR must attract the next generation of west London supporters

QPR has emerged as one of the most expensive clubs for junior supporters.

The club tops the league when it comes to charges to be a matchday mascot and junior membership and among the most expensive for junior matchday and season tickets, according to figures published in The Guardian.

QPR1st believes that, rather than charge £450 to parents who want their child to be a mascot, it should think about offering opportunities to be a mascot, for example, to west London schools.  Each child can then go back and tell their mates what they have done and spread the word about QPR.

 We would like to see the mascots reflecting the communities of west London, deepening the community support that is vital for a club like ours; not simply going to the children of parents who can afford £450. 

 And we want the club to hold down junior ticket prices. 

Clearly there is an issue for the club in that we have a small stadium and less match day income than many clubs, but we also want to encourage the next generation of QPR supporters into the club. The long-term financial health of the club depends on youngsters coming to the club who then become life-long supporters.

 Figures published on the Guardian’s website show our most expensive junior matchday tickets are second only to West Ham and we are third in the league for the most expensive junior season tickets.

 QPR is top of the league, with Swansea, with by charging £450 to be a matchday mascot.  (West Ham has a £600 package, but also a £350 deal.)

 It’s free at Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Man U and Liverpool, Aston Villa, Everton, Southampton and Sunderland.

 The club does run a prize draw for Junior Hoops to become one of the mascots for home games, but most are paying for the privilege.

 The Guardian figures are not all bad – QPR has is not one of the most expensive clubs when it comes to junior kits; £59 compared with a massive £77 for Chelsea.

 The Guardian published an article in today’s paper, with tables comparing the club on their website.  http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/dec/18/premier-league-clubs-charge-600-children-mascots