Call for Club Merchandise boycott

QPR1st acknowledges the statement made by the LSA on Monday and at present shares similar communication issues with the club. QPR1st has always believed that the best way in which we can communicate fans views to the Club is through face to face meetings with the directors of the Board or their representatives and in the past this has occurred on a regular basis. We very much regret that the Club currently is reluctant to continue this practice.

We sympathise with the call from the LSA to decline to buy any merchandise from the club shop or any club publications. Many fans are unhappy with the price increases, the failure to reward loyal fans with a discount and the way the club is being governed at the moment. A collective decision not to buy merchandise may be the most effective way we can ensure that the Club takes notice of these feelings.

We remain in full support of Neil Warnock and the playing squad and are still hopeful the Club will be open to building a stronger relationship with its fans, by working more closely with independent supporter groups, by restoring the Shareholders AGM and by bringing back Fans Forums.

You can read the LSA’s statement in full below:

The LSA wrote to our Club Chairman and major shareholders on June 1st requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the high rise in ticket prices and the failure to reward loyal fans with a discount.

The club, however, met solely with the Official Supporters Club (snubbing the LSA) but has not given a response to the OSC or our fans regarding points raised regarding price increases.

We reluctantly advise members of the LSA, which is the largest voluntary paid membership organisation of any QPR fans’ group, that relations have broken down between the LSA and the club. Therefore until relations are restored between the club and our fans, we recommend, as a protest, that our members decline to buy any merchandise from the club shop or any club publications. Instead we recommend they should donate money to QPR in the Community Trust.

We urge the club to call an urgent meeting with all fans’ groups so that we can resolve the breakdown in trust and relations between QPR and its fans.

We however pledge our undying support for our team and its manager Mr Warnock.

QPR1st Trust Board
QPR1st Supporters Trust