Amit Bhatia appointed QPR Chairman

QPR Supporters’ Trust congratulates Amit Bhatia on his appointment as chairman of the club.

We hope this appointment will be a move towards a new relationship of partnership between the club and its supporters.

Amit Bhatia was chair of QPR in the Community Trust from 2009 to 2016. Under his chairmanship the Community Trust thrived – it became a registered charity and developed innovative and wide-ranging projects to change people’s lives.  It is now one of QPR’s great achievements.

Tony Fernandes’ time as chair and co-chair of the club has been controversial and led to the current financial constraints facing the club.  He was happy to tweet – which did not always clarify issues – and occasionally chatted with supporters, but was rarely able to take part in any form of structured dialogue with supporters.

We would welcome more genuine dialogue between supporters and the new chairman – including meetings so all the challenges and opportunities facing the club can be discussed freely and honestly.