Football supporters make a difference

Congratulations to Liverpool supporters for their campaign which has led to a u-turn by the club’s owners with a two-year freeze on Anfield ticket prices – and to the Football Supporters Federation which successfully called for an increase in the number of FA Cup final ticket going to supporters of the competing teams.

Both cases showed that concerted action by football supporters can influence clubs and governing bodies.

Liverpool ticket price freeze

The Liverpool campaign shows what can be done by football fans at a club when they come together in their different groups and as individuals, working to right a wrong. The success was built on a campaign and protests against high ticket prices which have been ongoing for many months. It culminated in the 77th minute walk-out by 10,000 supporters following the announcement of next year’s ticket prices.

We believe clubs, to thrive in the long-term, must have deep links into their communities and ordinary local people must not be priced out of live football.

7,000 more tickets for fans in the Cup final

The FA has agreed to increase the number of FA Cup final tickets given to fans of competing finalists by 7,000.

This follows a campaign by supporter organisations led by the FSF. Last month the FSF wrote to the FA in a letter signed by more than 90 fan groups – including QPR1st – calling on the governing body to increase the number of FA Cup final tickets for fans of the two competing finalists.

Previously, only 25,000 of Wembley’s 90,000 seats were given to each competing team. This will now increase to 28,732 – an overall increase from 71% to 80% of available tickets.

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