Season Ticket Prices 2016-2017

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust welcomes the club’s announcement this week of “earlybird” prices for next year’s season tickets.

We think the club decision to open season ticket sales to existing season ticket holders in December, with a price that is fixed whichever league we are in next year is a step in the right direction in terms of recognising the importance of current supporters.

This is good news and comes alongside some improvements in communication with supporters, including the survey on the crest and through the supporters consultation committee, and what sounded like a thorough process for appointing our new manager. These are positive signs that suggest our club may be emerging from a long period of poor and erratic management.

We have not yet been told the full story on ticket prices. The club has not announced the general sale price of season tickets but has said these will be at least 30 per cent higher.  This will be a substantial rise. We hope it will not put season tickets out of the reach of the ordinary fan.  We also hope that the full pricing structure is fair to those supporters who cannot for whatever reason buy season tickets but rely on tickets for individual matches. By keeping ticket prices at an affordable level we can further build sustainable support for QPR across west London and beyond.

We look forward to working further with the club in 2016 to ensure supporters views and concerns are listened to, and that the club shares its plans for the future with the most important people – supporters.

Supporters can vote for the new crest until 31 December here