Statement on McClaren Sacking

Less than a year ago, in May 2018, we thanked Ian Holloway for all his hard work as he was replaced as QPR manager. We said “Supporters have a range of views of his recent time as manager ; but he was tasked with the job of keeping the club in the Championship with a team in transition, and he achieved this. He had to keep the show on the road in an environment where the wage bill had to be cut and experienced players would leave the club.”

Although Steve McClaren does not have the same great history with QPR As Ian Holloway, we could make a similar statement today. We also thank Steve McClaren for doing his best in difficult circumstances.

We hope his successor will be chosen after a clear process, and given clear objectives. The board needs to stop selecting names from England’s footballing past who have no track record in managing in a difficult financial environment such as QPR today faces. We want a manager capable of creating a committed, well-organised team, making the best of the resources we have. We want that manager to be given the time to develop an entertaining, committed QPR style, good enough to keep us in this league and to build on for the future.