Critchley Departure

QPR 1st Supporters’ Trust accepts the necessity for the departure of Neil Critchley. Team performances and results were not what was expected from these players, and it became clear unless there was a dramatic improvement over the last two games then this decision by the club was likely.
Neil Critchley was never able to select from a full squad due to injuries to key players. The substitutes bench at Middlesbrough featured players who had not appeared for the first team.
Clearly the players have not been helped by the changes in management over the last year. It must be hard when coaches they had worked with for several years chose to leave with the previous manager. Neil Critchley was in a difficult position from the moment he walked through the door.
The policies of the club have to be questioned. While we acknowledge the fine line the club walks with Financial Fair Play, there have been too many players signed who have long records of injury and then become “in and out of the team” players. There is the continuing mystery of why the team suffers so many hamstring and other muscle injuries.
It is also unclear who makes the decision to sign players. Does the manager have the final say or is it the director of football? Loan players are always by definition temporary additions that can benefit a club, but too many loans result in progression being blocked from the Academy. Questions may be asked about the commitment of some loan players.
We wish Neil Critchley well, a decent person put in a difficult situation. The next coach will need to achieve a new manager bounce. We hope that the team will be set up to play to their strengths and that the treatment room becomes a place where only physios spend their days.
The trust acknowledges that the owners do seem committed to the club and the establishment of the new training ground is a sign of progress. We acknowledge the restraints of FFP on the club, but maybe it is time for a re-evaluation of what the club objectives are. There needs to be a sense of fan-owner partnership in QPR.
The almost total silence from Club owners – especially the Chairman, Amit Bhatia and the Majority Owner, Ruben Gnanalingam – is disturbing. Exactly a year ago, Richard Reilly bought 10% of the Club and joined the board. Beyond this announcement, nothing additional has been said regarding Reilly’s contribution.
The supporters of Queens Park Rangers need to hear from the owners. Communication is two-way: we are here and we are listening.