David Thorne Statement

QPR 1st received this statement from David Thorne last night. We will be seeking clarification from Mr Thorne and the QPR Board. It is our experience that there are usually many reasons for a breakdown in negotiations. There have been many such breakdowns and false dawns in the last two years.

“It is with disappointment and regret, that I advise my planned investment in QPR has been withdrawn, effective immediately.


It appears that there is significant opposition to the investment from a number of quarters, which has resulted in division and acrimony, to a stage that to proceed under the current circumstances, would not be in either the interests of the Club nor myself.


As a result, I will not take matters any further and have communicated this to the Board of QPR Holdings. Should the Board and the Club be able to satisfactorily address the issues that have lead to this decision, I would be happy to review this position in the future.


While taking this position, I am willing to continue to work on the International side that I have introduced to the club, if the club so wishes and which I sincerely believe will benefit to the club.


Irrespective of my involvement or otherwise, I would like to thank the Board, the Chief Executive and his staff, and the Club as a whole, for the opportunity in some small way to have been part of the QPR family and wish the Club all the best for the forthcoming season and promotion which is so richly deserved.’



David Thorne.

28 July 2003″