In Tony We Trust

As QPR fans get over their hangovers, their thoughts will perhaps now start to turn to how much promotion could put them out of pocket- and we are not talking about¬†any huge Credit Card bill run up during Saturday’s Celebrations.


The last time we were promoted to the premiership, the sense of euphoria quickly evaporated when a huge ticket price increase was announced and Amit Bhatia felt compelled to resign.


Our situation now feels very different. We are sure that the Club appreciate that those fans who continued to buy season tickets after relegation deserve recognition and reward. It was the 12th man who kept the squad going through this challenging season.


We hope the Board will not rule out following Burnley’s example of a price freeze for current Season Ticket Holders or at the very least only a modest rise. This is an essential step to keeping the feel good momentum going to help us progress in the Premier League.