Lock-out period given to the Brian Melzack-led consortium

In light of the reported lock-out period given to the Brian Melzack-led consortium, QPR 1st make the following statement.

“QPR 1st is concerned about a series of recent press stories in which the status, identities and funding of various bidding teams has been consistently and deliberately obscured or misreported, in effort to influence opinion amongst the supporters.

It is clear that some members of the journalist community covering QPR are privately supporting the Brian Melzack bid for the club and that this tacit support is clearly influencing the slant and the content of what they file for publication.

It is not new for journalists with a vested interest in protecting the interests of third parties to have misrepresented the facts of what goes on within the club, but there has never been a more important time for people to be aware of the hype.

QPR 1st note with concern that the ‘Moonies’ story, which is several weeks old and a complete non-starter even back then, has surfaced on the very same day as the announcement that the Brian Melzack consortium have been given a lock-out period.