Luton Match

As we look forward to the Luton game tomorrow, we hope for an Rs win, a safe trip for travelling fans, and a safe time for Luton fans too.
There was violence after the QPR-Luton game in November. This was discussed last month at a meeting involving several Luton club officials and representatives of their supporters trust with QPR CEO Lee Hoos and Head of Operations Joshua Scott.
The Luton Supporters’ Trust representatives praised Hoos and Scott. In an email to their members yesterday they said: “We would like to thank the two individuals at QPR for their time. In an era where supporters’ views are not getting listened to as often as they should be, for two high up figures of QPR to meet with us, hear what we had to say and be open and honest with us was very refreshing.”
We agree with the Luton Trust’s conclusion: “We will continue to work with QPR to ensure that supporters of both sides feel safe enough to go to any match at either stadium whenever the two teams meet in future.”
According to the Luton Supporters’ Trust it was agreed that QPR/Luton games should not take place on a Friday night. The Luton supporters complained of “heavy-handed” stewarding which they said contributed to an intimidating atmosphere, coaches carrying visiting supporters having to park too far from the stadium and criticised the police for being “more interested in blocking roads off than being in the area where opposing supporters could actually meet”.
The Trust said: “The meeting concluded with an agreement that all parties would continue to meet before and after any fixture between the two clubs, to ensure that necessary communications are shared to supporters of both clubs.”
As we said in November, violence around football matches is never acceptable. Stay safe everyone!