Meeting regarding Season Ticket pricing

A representative from QPR1st was invited to attend a discussion with management and staff from QPR as well as those representing other fans groups – the LSA, the IndyRs and QPR’s Disability Supporters Organisation.  This informal meeting focussed entirely on the issue of season ticket prices next season. It was a very constructive and positive meeting which enabled an honest and open exchange of views.

Because the Club is still considering its options, it has asked us and the other attendees not to publically reveal the specifics of any proposals, as this might give the false impression that decision had already been made.  We intend to honour that request.

Nevertheless whilst matters remain unresolved there is still an opportunity for fans to make their thoughts known to us via email and social media and we will of course ensure that your views are reflected in any continued dialogue with the Club.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil Beard, Ian Taylor, Andy Rees and the rest of the QPR team for facilitating an opportunity for genuine and purposeful consultation which we hope will be mutually valued as the way forward for the future.