Proposal for 38th game abroad

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust is concerned at the emergence of proposals for each Premier League teams to play one of its league fixtures abroad. It has been widely reported that the Premier League is considering this proposal.

Several years ago it a proposal that an additional game would be played abroad was put forward and then dropped, but the suggestion now is that the “foreign” fixture would be part of the 38 game regular season.

Such a proposal should not be considered without taking into account the views of the supporters who loyally go to games week in, week out, during the season.

Such a proposal may be useful to the Premier League in marketing itself world-wide, but is not in the interests of the league as a competitive sport.

The proposal would mean half the teams in the league would lose a home game, and would therefore be put at a disadvantage.  In each club either travelling supporters – who add so much to the atmosphere of a game – or home season ticket holders will be deprived of a game.  For some teams the ‘missing’ game will be one of their most attractive fixtures.  Potentially local derbies could take place in another country and a different time zone.

The tradition for English football clubs is that they are rooted in their local community. This proposal flies in the face of this.

The Trust will be working closely with other Club trusts and fan bodies in a coordinated response to these proposals.