QPR focus on Asian Youths in search for new talent

Last month, Queens Park Rangers teamed up with Sporting Equals to organise a talent programme targeted at Asian youngsters. minority ethnic groups.

Ishan Saksena Chairman of QPR declared: “It isnaive of football clubs to assume that just because they run a youth programme, kids from all backgrounds will put themselves forward. There are many educational, social, economic and family barriers, and cultural assumptions on both sides that get in the way”.

This is the first such program that QPR is involved in and the Supporters Trust wish to lend it our full support. Not only is it in our best interest to ensure that the Club are not missing out on the real potential stars in the local area it is also important that we continue to develop our links with the local community.

We take pride in the words of David Mbaziira from Sporting Equals in describing QPR as ‘a beacon of inclusion in the football world, committed to building local support and opportunity and engaging with communities’.