Saturday: Fans voice their feelings

QPR1st has been informed that fans are intending to meet at South Africa Road, this Saturday from noon onwards. It is understood that this is an informal gathering which is intended to be a peaceful expression of fans’ disaffection regarding the ticket prices for next season and other developments within the Club.


This follows the submission by the LSA to the Directors of the Club of a letter expressing their concerns. QPR1st agree with the points made in the letter and are united with the LSA on asking the Board to meet with representatives from fans organisations.

We fully endorse the call by John Reid, the Chairman of the LSA for fans groups to present a united front and have written to him to ensure him that the LSA, for which we have the greatest respect, can rely on our support. We are keen to receive any feedback from fans on what you think should be the most appropriate course of action for us to now take, please do so by emailing us at

We shall also be writing to the Supporters Trusts at Newcastle United and Manchester United regarding their campaigns to find out if there are any lessons to be learnt for us.

QPR1st Trust Board
QPR1st Supporters Trust