New stadium and training ground plans moving forward slowly?

A year after the club announced its plans for a new stadium at Old Oak, the London Assembly has conformed its support, in principle, for the setting up of a Mayoral Development Corporation to oversee the regeneration of the area.

 The Assembly discussed the proposals for the Mayoral Development Corporation yesterday (17 December).  It set out some concerns, none of which made a direct reference to the stadium, but could affect the club’s overall regeneration plans and timescale for the development.

 QPR1st Supporters Trust believes the club should give supporters an update on how this might affect the timing and practicality of the new stadium.

 We would also welcome an update from the club on Warren Farm.  Local residents were told in October that the club was working through with design teams how it would reduce the cost of the scheme to build new training and community facilities, but supporters are not aware of any revised plans since then. 

 It is expected that, with Assembly approval, the Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC) will start work in April, taking all the planning powers currently held by councils for Old Oak and the Park Royal industrial estate.  It is expected that QPR will then submit its planning application for the stadium, housing and commercial buildings to the MDC.

 The Assembly said that there should be a target of 50 per cent for the number of affordable homes that would be built at Old Oak, and had concerns on the timescales for the development of planning documents. The Assembly thinks the timescales are too rushed to allow for good consultation and to prevent “inappropriate” urban design and architecture.

 They also had issues about lack of clarity as to where the money for the regeneration is coming from.

 This Assembly has called on the Mayor to bring forward further proposals on the issues they have raised.

 QPR1st believes supporters would welcome an update from the club and more involvement for supporters in the development of our proposed new home.

 Information on the Assembly discussion is on