Take your place in the QPR squad

QPR 1st, in co-operation with QPR FC, is offering you the chance of a lifetime, to be the first fan ever to join the squad as a non-playing member. We are auctioning a place in the squad, yours for the whole of the 2003/4 season, via the club’s website. All money raised, less the auctioneer’s commission, will go to the Hoops Fund, which aims to raise cash to support the club by purchasing shares in QPR Holdings. So you can give yourself the biggest treat of your life and raise cash for the club at the same time.

The package that we have agreed with QPR is mouth-watering. For your winning bid you can:

  • Take part in a first team training session, at Ian Holloway’s discretion.
  • Sit behind the dug-out for two home games.
  • Be included in the squad photo and receive your own signed copy.
  • Have your name on the back of every programme, showing that you are a member of the squad.
  • Be treated just like all the other players for the end of season dinner.
  • Have your own home and away shirts, with your squad number and name on the back.
  • Be available for sponsorship, just like all other players.

We think that we’ve come up with a real winner here. Imagine how you’ll feel in later life, when you show off that photo. What about the buzz you’ll get through training alongside the players, or the thrill of being close to Olly as a match progresses.That’s why we are sure the winning bid will more than match our reserve price of £3,000.

You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, because sometimes you might hear things said that might be damaging to the club or to an individual player if it were to get into the papers. You will also need to be pretty broad-minded, because the language is going to be a bit salty at times. But you will also have an experience that you’ll never forget.

To view the auction site which is being run through QXL click on the link below:

QPR Squad Auction

Or visit www.qpr.co.uk and click on the auctions menu option

During the auction, QPR 1st will be running regular updates on the auction’s progress and the final result will be announced at the QPR v Blackpool game on August 9.