Thanks to Team QPR

The Committee of QPR 1st, the Supporters Trust on behalf of our members would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian Holloway, his entire management team and the whole squad for an outstanding season. Win or lose on Sunday in Cardiff, we have a team that we can be truly proud of. QPR 1st has supported Ian and his team through thick and thin this season and we are delighted that that faith has been rewarded.

Now, one last game, one last effort awaits us. The fans have been incredible all season and we will be so again in Cardiff. There is no limit to what this team can achieve with us behind them. It is difficult to remember a time when QPR – the fans, the players, the management have been so united on one goal. For those that sang for an hour after our last game in the Premiership at Nottingham Forest all those years ago, success comes as a just reward for our continued loyalty.

While we will celebrate in our thousands in Cardiff, we also remember the bad times and think ‘Yes, we deserve our moment in the sun’.

So win or lose, Sunday is another step in the right direction. We travel with hope and belief, but take nothing for granted.
Come on U Rrrrrs

Justin Pieris
QPR 1st