Keep ticket prices down

Several Premier League Clubs have announced a freeze on ticket prices for next season; including Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Manchester United.   QPR1st hopes QPR will follow suit – and reduce prices if we are relegated.

Premier League clubs share in the huge proceeds of TV deals and we believe that should help to hold down ticket prices.

The Premier League is already giving clubs £4 million (about £200,000 each) a season, taken from its current TV deal, to help supporters going to away games. As a result some clubs offer reduced price ticket deals while others, including QPR, provide free coach travel. A number of clubs have entered into reciprocal pricing arrangements to reduce the cost of away fans’ admission prices.  Man City applied a £4 discount on away tickets, and Liverpool gives its fans a £2-£4 discount on the ticket price for away games.  

Many supporters have benefitted from the free coach scheme for some matches – but we believe the club should discuss with supporters whether they would prefer that to continue if we are in the Premier League next year, or for a different use for that money.

A meeting took place between the Football Supporters’ Federation and Premier League representatives to discuss ticket prices last week.

The FSF’s contention is that another bumper TV deal for 2016 – currently being negotiated – will bring unprecedented amounts of money into the game, and that some of that should be used to reduce ticket prices.

The issue of match categorisation was also raised, and the impact that has on away fans: if you’re in the position of finding that the club you’ve always supported is currently deemed to be successful and a bigger attraction, then you’ll be expected to pay Category A prices everywhere you go, week in week out. The FSF contention is that all away fans should pay Category C prices. 

Categorisation does not affect QPR away supporters in the Premier League – but would affect us in the championship; where, this season, there have been protests about the high charge for away fans at Norwich, for example.

The PL officials committed themselves to raising the concerns and views of the supporters’ groups with clubs, and to examining mechanisms for securing price reductions to see what costs, benefits and other consequences there might be.

QPR club representatives will be at a meeting of PL clubs shortly and are likely to be discussing these issues. QPR1st believes the club should seek the views of supporters on these issues – and keep home and away ticket prices down.