Trust Update 9th May

Despite the season having come to an end, there is still plenty of work going on here at QPR 1st. We have been busy logging in all the details of those who have registered to QPR 1st and hope to send out a communication to everyone within the next 7-10 days. Please bear with us – and don’t think because we haven’t as yet replied to your registration, or any points raised within it, that you have been forgotten. You haven’t.

The hard work is not just being done on the administrative side of things, but we are busy on more practical matters, too. Representatives from QPR 1st are meeting today with administrators Stoy Hayward. Details of that meeting will be reported here as soon as possible.

In addition, there is also a delegation meeting today with Clive Soley, MP for Hammersmith & Fulham. It is our intention to put pressure on all local politicians, council and Parliament, to ensure that the future of QPR is a key election issue.

QPR 1st has also held further talks with Supporters Direct and is involved in networking with other supporter trusts. Again, fuller reports will appear here inside the next 48 hours.

News of the consortium, led by Lord Razzall, tabling a bid is interesting. So far, no-one involved in this bid has made any contact with QPR 1st. Whether or not they are interested in doing so is yet to be revealed. We are certainly attempting to make contact with the consortium.

Our ‘line’ on the deal is it that QPR 1st is not here to endorse any deal, but to encourage and persuade all bidders to be up front and totally transparent about their bid and their short- and long-term plans for the club. It is then up to QPR fans to decide whether they trust, support or believe one bid over another. We are in turn guided by that.

Thursday 10th May 2001
Representatives from QPR 1st met with MP Clive Soley at the House of Commons yesterday, as part of the initiative to make the future of Queens Park Rangers, its place in the borough, and involvement by supporters in the way the club operates, a key issue in the forthcoming elections and beyond. With Parliament being dissolved, talks were somewhat curtailed, but positive, and a resumption of this meeting is due to take place next Monday. We will report in detail within 24 hours of that taking place.

Representatives from QPR 1st also met with administrators Stoy Hayward yesterday. There was nothing earth-shattering to come out of it, but a fuller report will appear here tomorrow (Friday).

Informal contact has been made with the Lord Razzall-led consortium, who we have been informed are keen to meet with QPR 1st, and we will report when a firm date has been fixed. Obviously, with the EGM to vote on the sale of Wasps to Chris Wright taking place on Friday 18 May, the sooner the better.

On that note, and as direct result of feedback suggesting the move, we are also in the process of contacting representatives from Wasps supporters groups.