Trust Update

The past 24 hours have been one of the busiest days yet for us. It’s a critical week of course, with the EGM taking place and today’s deadline for putting forward a candidate in the forthcoming general election.

As stated yesterday, we have made a further formal request to Chris Wright regarding the terms of the sale of Wasps and the Twyford Avenue training ground. The response to that is obviously critical to our voting strategy and questioning at the EGM. There will be fuller information about that here tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime, thanks to all those who have emailed us with comments and questions. They are all being taken into consideration.

A number of fans have written to ask about how to go about giving their proxy vote to QPR 1st. That can be done by returning the voting form as soon as possible to Lloyds-TSB Registrars at the Worthing address contained in the literature you will have received as a shareholder. On it, alongside the name of the person who you are giving over your proxy vote to, please enter the name ‘Maurice FitzGerald’. A sizeable number of people have done this already, and the more received the stronger the vote becomes. If you have an admission card, there is nothing to stop you attending the meeting in person and voting accordingly. If you have any queries on any of this, please contact Maurice at

Despite being promised a meeting with Chris Wright on a fortnightly basis, attempts to arrange a face-to-face last night at the youth team game were unsuccessful as he was away on business. Neither was it possible to meet with acting chairman Nick Blackburn, as he was otherwise engaged with Peter Crouch and his agent. Obviously a meeting with them prior to the EGM was highly desirable, and we are attempting to secure a new date as soon as possible.

Having given careful consideration to the idea of putting up a QPR 1st candidate in the forthcoming election, it was finally decided today, the deadline for nominations, not to do so. The reason is that we have been actively lobbying the candidates for the three main political parties, Clive Soley (Labour), Justine Greening (Conservatives) and Martin Todd (Lib-Dem) and are pleased to say that each of them have expressed a willingness to put their names to the following letter:

“We the undersigned, as your prospective parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming election, would like you to be aware that we view Queens Park Rangers Football Club to be an essential part of the fabric of the local community. In the light of that fact we would like to assert the following:

* That it is vital Queens Park Rangers Football Club be maintained in its current form and continues to be based in the local area.

* That the administrators operate a policy of openness and consult with supporters on key issues related to the club’s future.

* That the current and future owners support the QPR 1st supporters trust and accept the need for supporter representation on the board of the club.

Yours etc”

It is reassuring to know that we have cross-party support on this issue and will be working to ensure that the successful candidate maintains an on-going and healthy interest in QPR’s future.