Turn Up if you Love Rangers 2

This is another fan-based initiative led by LSA (qpr-lsa.co.uk), QPR1st (www.qpr1st.co.uk), the newly launched Official Supporters Club and the various independent QPR websites and fanzines to help our club in terms of revenue.


The support this season has been brilliant and post Wigan we have very nearly eclipsed Cardiff as the best supported team in the division. What we are asking is for all supporters to bring at least one, but to try and bring along as many friends as possible to the game against Notts. County on 21st April. Given that it is a bank holiday and we are still right in there for a play off spot it should be a very attractive game to attend. Who to bring along?? Lapsed fans, friends who have an interest in football but never make it along to a game, glory hunters who have never seen their team except for on TV and are ripe for conversion. Anyone who you think, really.


The initiative is organised independently of the club but they have kindly offered 3 unique prizes to the fans who manage to bring in the most people through the door for the game. Prizes include a training day with the players and inclusion in the photo call at the start of next season. Details of this promotion can be found on one of the independent web sites www.jarrowrs.co.uk or by calling John on 0794 900 8253.


TURN UP IF YOU LOVE RANGERS 2 is supported by the LSA (www.qpr-lsa.co.uk), QPR1st (www.qpr1st.co.uk), the QPR email list (groups.yahoo.com/group/QPRfc) and the other independent QPR websites; www.qpr.org, www.queensparkrangersfc.com, www.qprnet.com, www.qprfc.org.uk, www.qpr-mad.co.uk, www.westbourners.co.uk, www.jarrowrs.co.uk, www.rtid.co.uk

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