Your questions to the club

Your questions to the club

 QPR chairman Tony Fernandes will be on the club’s London Call-In this week and the club has asked for questions to be tweeted to them before the broadcast on #LCI

 It is good that supporters will have the opportunity to hear him answering questions – but it would be even better if he was sitting down with supporters at a fans’ forum or talking with supporter organisations so there could be a real dialogue.

 We have been informed that the club intends to hold a fans’ forum before the end of the season and a fans’ representative meeting is on the cards once issues to be discussed have been agreed.

 We asked members what they thought were the most important issues.  These are the issues put forward for discussion – perhaps some will be asked on London call-in too.

 Ticket prices –will they be frozen for next year the Premier League, especially given the new TV deal, and reduced if we are relegated?

 The proposed new stadium – will there be more consultation with supporters before the planning application goes in?  What is the latest on proposed size, design and timing of the stadium?

 Bringing youth through and the training ground:

Given the recent trend to bring in seasoned pros into the first team squad, what opportunities are being offered to home developed talent.  It must be five years since we have seen someone come thru the system.

The training facitlities – some feel this is even more important than the stadium.  What is the current situation regarding purchasing this land?  When will we know if this project can go ahead? Is it possible to redevelop the existing training ground at Harlington to allow us to upgrade facilities to Academy status ?

The Living Wage – footballers earn a fortune; will the club pay make sure all staff and contractors are paid at least the Living Wage?

 The club restructure – with the creation of the director of football and chief coach posts, and the departure of the ceo,  what is the plan for the management of the club?  Will a new ceo be prepared to talk to supporters and supporter organisations?

 Thank you to QPR1st members who e-mailed in with questions.

 More about London Call-in is here: