QPR supporters deserve a fair deal on ticket prices next year

Last weekend, before the Newcastle game, QPR supporters were represented alongside fans from Everton, West Ham, Hull, Newcastle and Spurs, all playing that day on London, to back the Football Supporters’ Federation campaign to reduce Premier League ticket prices (and have a swift pint).

 Now, with the last game of the season gone, QPR supporters are still waiting to see if the club will reduce ticket prices significantly for the new season in the Championship.  The dedication of QPR supporters throughout this season should be recognised by a decent reduction in ticket prices.

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QPR1st Welcomes new CEO Lee Hoos

The appointment of Lee Hoos as chief executive for QPR has been welcomed by QPR1st Supporters’ Trust. 

It has been announced that Lee Hoos will be taking up the post at QPR later in the summer. 

The Trust looks forward to meeting Lee Hoos and believe his appointment gives the club an opportunity to reconnect with its supporters.

The club is in need of a CEO who is capable of improving the club’s infrastructure, ensuring the proposed training ground moves forward and that there is progress towards a new stadium  – and of talking to and listening to supporters.

We believe it is possible to build a real partnership between the club and its supporters.  Lee Hoos has an opportunity to make a real difference and ensure our club moves forward through realistic, planned sustainable development.

We note that Mr Hoos has a track record of good communication with supporters at clubs he has previously worked for including Burnley and we look forward to meeting him in the coming months.


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Good Luck Chris Ramsey

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust wishes Chris Ramsey well as the newly appointed chief coach.

Chris and the Director of Football Les Ferdinand face a big job in rebuilding the squad over the coming year.  We hope they will be given the support they need to do that job – ensuring we get the systems in place to recruit young and up and coming players and bring youngsters through from our youth development work; and to get the best from the whole squad.

A lot of work needs to be done but we hope this is step towards a sustainable squad building system for our club, rather than continually reaching for “big names”. 

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The Story of QPR -Opportunity for QPR fans aged 16 – 25

The Story of QPR Project invites 16 – 25 year olds to join us at Loftus Road Stadium next week (26th – 29th May) for 4 days of digital magazine training and activities.

Volunteers will take part in training workshops with a range of professionals, including the QPR Press Team, a top branding agency, graphic designer, researcher and more, and will have the opportunity to create their own piece which will be included in a digital magazine documenting the heritage of the club and the area.

Whether they want to write an article or a poem, create a piece of artwork, edit the layout of the publication, or something else, they can get involved and join the team. Contact The Octavia Foundation on 0208 3545675 or email QPRfilm@octaviafoundation.org.uk

Click to view Brochure

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Back where we started minus the odd 200M

QPR’s relegation from the Premier League is very disappointing – but not surprising. 

The Trust believes the club needs to get the basics right if it is to ever see sustained success – and is asking for a meeting with club chairman Tony Fernandes to talk about the future.

We thank all those at the club – on the pitch and off – who have worked hard to keep us in the Premier League. But, we have just not been good enough.

The Trust believes the club needs a coherent plan for its development.  We would like to meet with the chairman, Tony Fernandes to find out what his plans are.

Supporters want to know what is going on at our club. Supporters have passionately and loyally followed the team throughout this season – and deserve more than tweets from the chairman and brief statements on the club website.

We have been relegated for the second time in three years. The playing squad needs radical rebuilding. Will we have the team management in place that can do that?

At the same time the club is in debt; we may face Financial Fair Play sanctions; and the club is without a chief executive or permanent chief coach. The promised training ground seems to have made little progress and the club has gone silent on the proposed new stadium.

On top of that supporters still have had no indication of season ticket prices for next year when in years past many have already renewed by now for the following season.

It is not unreasonable for supporters to ask “what is going on”. Yet, there has been no fans’ forum this year – an opportunity for supporters to put questions to the club. A meeting of senior board members with supporter organisations is long overdue.

 Our view of getting the basics right includes:

A coherent financial plan; so the club avoids future penalties and managers are clear about the money they have to spend – not the boom and bust we have seen in recent years

A system and the right people in place to strengthen the team – developing young players and feeding them into the first team, and effective scouting and selection  of up and coming players to join the club

Developing a style of play, a philosophy – something that clubs like Swansea and Southampton have done successfully; a consistent approach that allows players and coaches to build team spirit, strength in depth, and sustainable success on the pitch

Involving supporters – the club’s greatest asset.

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Improving stewarding at Loftus Road

Representatives of QPR1st, the Loyal Supporters Association (LSA) and disabled supporters recently met with club operations manager Jenny Winstanley and safety officer Jim McNeil to talk about issues including stewarding at Loftus Road.

It was a good meeting with the two club representatives being very open about the challenges of improving stewarding at the stadium; while at the same time we recognise the general standard of stewarding is better than it was several years ago.

 One issue raised by supporters was recent publicity around an incident where supporters were badly treated by stewards. The case was taken up by the Football Supporters Federation, to which QPR1st is affiliated.

 The incident took place several years ago and Jenny and Jim said that stewarding company was no longer providing stewards at QPR. The club now has a different stewarding company.

 At the end of each season they review how the stewarding company has performed. They have a detailed view on how stewards are operating in each part of the ground and are able to ask for improvements where they are needed. 

 If you have any issue with actions by stewards, let the club know, or tell us and we will pass them to these two officers for action.

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What have the major political parties promised to do for fans?

What have the major political parties promised to do for fans? Supporters Direct round up their promises here: http://bit.ly/1KJPJOu

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The QPR Pledge – Andy Slaughter signs

Election candidates are starting to sign the pledge to support QPR staying in west London. Andy Slaughter, standing in Hammersmith and Fulham, and the area’s MP in the last parliament, signed up yesterday and confirmed this to us .

Frustratingly, details of the QPR board’s proposal to move to Old Oak, and issues such as the ownership of the stadium, remain under wraps.  QPR1st would like to see more information and also more involvement by supporters and the community in the proposals.

 QPR1st believes it is good to see support from local politicians for the principle of QPR remaining in west London.  After the election we expect to meet the incoming local MP to discuss the stadium plans.

 The club is encouraging supporters to contact candidates in west London to ask them to sign the pledge and has devised an on-line system to help supporters to do it.  Here is a link to further information bit.ly/1ErdsnE

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Story of QPR reaches Kilburn and Brentford

 More screenings of the new film about QPR and its supporters have been scheduled for Kilburn and Brentford.

 More information on the film, partly funded by QPR1st, is here www.storyofQPR.co.uk               

Tricycle Cinema, Kilburn – Book Tickets from the Tricycle website

Date: Tuesday 5th May 2015

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £8.50

Box office: 020 7328 1000

Venue info: 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR, 020 7372 6611


Watermans, Brentford – Book Tickets from Watermans website

Date: Thursday 7th May 2015

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £9 (£8 Concession) 

Box Office: 020 8232 1010

Venue info: Watermans, 40 High Street Brentford TW8 0DS, 020 8232 1019

 Both screenings will include a short introduction followed by a Q&A with the film makers. Please arrive early to start promptly at 7.30pm. The film is 63 minutes long.

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Football – What the political parties say

With most General Election party manifestos now published, we can see what the parties say about football in England.
QPR1st supporters’ trust welcomes Labour’s manifesto commitment to increase the influence of supporters.

Labour’s manifesto says:
“Football clubs are an important part of many people’s identity and sense of belonging. They are more than just businesses. But despite their importance in the lives of their members and supporters, too often there are no effective means for fans to have a say in how their clubs are run.

“Labour will provide the means for supporters to be a genuine part of their clubs. We will introduce legislation to enable accredited supporters trusts to appoint and remove at least two of the directors of a football club and to purchase shares when the club changes hands. We will also review the role of fan participation in other sports.

“We will ensure the Premier League delivers on its promise to invest five per cent of its domestic and international television rights income into funding the grassroots.”

The Conservative Party manifesto mentions football with a commitment to improve community sports facilities including building artificial football pitches in 30 English cities.

The Conservatives, Labour and the Greens want to see more sport in schools.

The Liberal Democrat and UKIP manifestos are silent on the issue.

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