Resignation of Phil Beard

Following his resignation as chief executive of QPR, QPR 1st Supporters Trust wishes Phil Beard well for the future.

The Supporters Trust will aim to establish a positive relationship with his successor.

The officer with responsibility for running day to day affairs at the club sets the tone for what kind of club they want QPR to be. We hope that in whatever new managerial arrangements are being established that the most senior management position will be occupied by someone who is keen to work in partnership with the traditional fan-base – demonstrating that the board understands the difference between football fans and supermarket customers.

The appointment of a director of football has no doubt impacted on the position of chief executive, and we hope the club is changing in a positive way.

We hope the new arrangements will be clear and the lines of responsibility will be fully explained to supporters.

We also hope that the new person with chief executive responsibilities will be able to get progress on Warren Farm training ground and the new stadium at Old Oak, and communicate with and fully involve supporters.

The Trust believes it is important for the future of the club that supporters can have a good relationship with the club’s senior management and we look forward to meeting members of the board and new management team in the near future.


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Call for TV deal money to be used to reduce prices

he Football Supporters’ Federation has launched a petition here which calls for Premier League clubs to use their TV deal to lower ticket prices, and greater redistribution to the grassroots of football.

 The petition auto-generates an email to each signatory’s club.

 The petititon says:

 The Premier League has signed a new TV mega-deal worth £5.14bn, and that’s just for UK rights. The increase from the last domestic deal alone equates to £40+ for every fan, at every game; top-flight clubs have to bring down ticket prices and support lower-league/grassroots football. There are five billion reasons why clubs should #shareTVwealth!

 Fans demand that clubs:

1   Drop prices for home fans;

2   Commit to the FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty away price cap;

3   Redistribute more wealth to support lower-league and grassroots football.

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QPR Fans Reps to meet with Premier League

QPR1st Supporters Trust together with other fans reps have been invited by the Club to attend a meeting with the Premier League on the topic of ‘The Premier League, TV and the future football’. Cathy Long, Head of Supporters Services and Bill Bush Director of Policy will be attending. We hope that this will be a good opportunity for us to air fans views on broadcasting issues in the game.

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QPR Awarded Autism Access Award

The Supporters Trust wish to congratulate Queens Park Rangers  for being the first major spectator sports arena to be awarded The National Autistic Society (NAS) Autism Access Award.

The award will be presented to the club before the Barclays Premier League home fixture against Southampton on 7 January by Stephen Davies, an NAS Trustee and passionate QPR supporter.

The award is given to organisations that are committed to being autism friendly. Previous recipients include the national parliaments of Northern Ireland and Wales and the RAF Museum in Hendon.

As part of the work to achieve the award, the club asked people with autism and their families attending home matches to complete a survey about how the club could be made more accessible. Their suggestions formed the basis of an action plan to help QPR meet the needs of people with autism.

The club’s website now includes a downloadable easy-read guide to help people with autism prepare for a visit, including tips for those who may have sensory issues around large crowds. The club is committed to ensuring that staff who have direct contact with fans receive autism-awareness training.

QPR also supports people with autism in the community. They run an after-school football club for children with autism and provide sessions for adults attending a local day centre. An extensive multi-sports schools programme also includes many pupils with autism.

Andy Rees, Supporters Liaison Officer, said: “Being involved in the Autism Access Award has really helped us to appreciate what we can do to make matchdays a more enjoyable experience for visitors with autism.

“We are privileged to receive the award, but consider that this is very much the start of a process in terms of making sure we are doing the very best we can and learning from the feedback.”

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R’story launched

 “R’story” had its press launch at Loftus Road on Wednesday, 4 February when the hour-long film about the club and its supporters had its first screening.

 QPR1st helped to sponsor the film and Stephen Dedridge, chair of the trust, introduced the film, alongside Reena Mukherji of the Octavia Foundation, which led the production of the film, and Andy Evans, CEO of the QPR in the Community Trust.

 The film shows why QPR is important to its supporters. As well as recording the views and experience of supporters and past players, and those things that make QPR a part of west London, it does not shy away from issues such as ticket prices, terracing and safe-standing, and the growing distance between supporters and players.

 The film will be going public with a screening at 2pm at the Lexi cinema in Kensal Rise on Saturday 28 February (QPR is not playing that day).  It will then tour other cinemas and will be available as a DVD in the summer.

 More information about the film and the young people who made it is on

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Keep ticket prices down

Several Premier League Clubs have announced a freeze on ticket prices for next season; including Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Manchester United.   QPR1st hopes QPR will follow suit – and reduce prices if we are relegated.

Premier League clubs share in the huge proceeds of TV deals and we believe that should help to hold down ticket prices.

The Premier League is already giving clubs £4 million (about £200,000 each) a season, taken from its current TV deal, to help supporters going to away games. As a result some clubs offer reduced price ticket deals while others, including QPR, provide free coach travel. A number of clubs have entered into reciprocal pricing arrangements to reduce the cost of away fans’ admission prices.  Man City applied a £4 discount on away tickets, and Liverpool gives its fans a £2-£4 discount on the ticket price for away games.  

Many supporters have benefitted from the free coach scheme for some matches – but we believe the club should discuss with supporters whether they would prefer that to continue if we are in the Premier League next year, or for a different use for that money.

A meeting took place between the Football Supporters’ Federation and Premier League representatives to discuss ticket prices last week.

The FSF’s contention is that another bumper TV deal for 2016 – currently being negotiated – will bring unprecedented amounts of money into the game, and that some of that should be used to reduce ticket prices.

The issue of match categorisation was also raised, and the impact that has on away fans: if you’re in the position of finding that the club you’ve always supported is currently deemed to be successful and a bigger attraction, then you’ll be expected to pay Category A prices everywhere you go, week in week out. The FSF contention is that all away fans should pay Category C prices. 

Categorisation does not affect QPR away supporters in the Premier League – but would affect us in the championship; where, this season, there have been protests about the high charge for away fans at Norwich, for example.

The PL officials committed themselves to raising the concerns and views of the supporters’ groups with clubs, and to examining mechanisms for securing price reductions to see what costs, benefits and other consequences there might be.

QPR club representatives will be at a meeting of PL clubs shortly and are likely to be discussing these issues. QPR1st believes the club should seek the views of supporters on these issues – and keep home and away ticket prices down.


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Premier of ‘R@ Story sponsored by QPR1st

QPR1st are sponsors of ‘R’ Story’, a documentary film charting the history of the Queen’s Park Rangers football club and its local area


This ground-breaking documentary film charting the exciting history of both Queens Park Rangers (QPR) football club and the local area. ‘R’Story’ explores the highs and lows of the club over the last 133 years; from inception right up to present day. This fascinating story features the voices of longstanding fans including Rabbi Ariel Friedlander and Robert Elms, former players “Sir Les” Ferdinand and Rodney Marsh as well as current Manager Harry Redknapp and player Joey Barton. Created by over 35 young people as well as local experts and volunteers, ‘R’ Story’ is a 60 minute film that charts the history of the club from its humble beginnings in 1882, through its key milestones up to the present day and promotion back to the Premier League. Running parallel to the unique QPR story is a wider story of what football means to British society, in particular to west London’s working class and diverse local communities. The screening will take place at Westfield London – Vue Cinema on the 26th Feburary

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Call for club to discuss new stadium plans with supporters

Approval has this week been given for the creation of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) to lead planning and development of the Old Oak area, where QPR is proposing to build its new stadium.  The new stadium is proposed to be part of a major regeneration of the area.

 It is expected that the club will submit its planning application for the development to the OPDC soon after it is established in April. 

 QPR1st Supporters’ Trust says it is vital that the club gets this planning  of the proposed new stadium right so that it can gain the backing of supporters.

 QPR1st chair Stephen Dedridge said: “If a planning application is going to be made in April, then the club should be sharing more about their plans with supporters now. 

 “A new video issued by the club this week really tells supporters nothing new. We want supporters to help the club to get their plans right, and to support the club in staying in Hammersmith and Fulham. To do so, the club should update supporter organisations and the wider fanbase on its proposals. 

 “What will be the size and shape of the stadium? Tell us about access, realistic timescales, proposed facilities.  We want to be certain this is first and foremost QPR’s football ground and not a multi-event compromise.

 “Supporters want the best for the club and to work with the Board on this, but the club has to consult with supporters to make this work.”

 More information on the OPDC is here:

 The QPR video is here:

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John Clifford R.I.P

QPR1st mourn the passing of John ‘Gramps’ Clifford  who after sharing his memories on the QPR Report message board decided to put them together in a booklet entitled ‘Those early QPR Days 1939-1970′ a valuable contribution to the history of QPR fandom to pass onto future generations.

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Mauro Zarate

The signing of Mauro Zante has led to expressions of concern from some QPR fans  about an incident four years ago in which he gave a fascist salute whilst playing for Lazio.  Zarate claimed ignorance of why this gesture was considered so offensive and denied any sympathy for fascist views.  We hope that he now looks back on his action with remorse and regret and his actions both on and off the pitch while on loan at Loftus Road will bring credit to both to himself and QPR.


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