Requests to the Club for the 2015/2016 season

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust believes that if something positive is to come out of relegation then the opportunity should be taken not only to rebuild the playing squad, but also to restore the covenant between the club and the fans; rebuilding QPR as a club that is part of the community.

 Given his background and track record, the appointment of Lee Hoos seems to be a step in the direction and in the tradition of the Supporters’ Trust we will seek to work closely with the new chief executive in a mood of co-operation and partnership.

 Throughout this season we will be campaigning on the following aims and are looking forward to your support and suggestions.  Please email us on

 Our requests

The club will genuinely consult and involve supporters in decision-making. Consultation does not mean a just quick and dirty online survey, or tweeting – it means actually talking to and listening to supporters and supporter organisations, and reporting back on action taken as a result. Our suggestions are:

  1. A minimum of three scheduled meetings between representatives of the club, including the chief executive, and representatives of QPR1st and the LSA to discuss issues of organisation and management at the club.
  2. At least one Fans’ Forum with the chief executive in attendance but with consideration of how this event could be better organised and more inclusive.
  3. The creation of a fans’ focus group or groups as a sounding board to obtain opinion and influence decision-making about a range of issues to improve the match-day experience and on issues listed below.
  4. Continued liaison between the media team and fans led media bodies such as AKUTRs, the QPR Podcast and large internet based fans discussion groups.
  5. A clear commitment to obtaining the views and opinions of a wide spectrum of disabled fans in particular in relationship to how the new stadium could be an exemplary model of inclusion beyond just meeting legal requirements.


Genuine consultation and involvement of supporters in decision-making on:

  • The proposed new stadium; building layout, design, facilities and also involvement in the ongoing management of the stadium – important if it is not directly owned by the football club.
  • The badge, and kit design – including a restoration of the traditional hoops.  Discussion of the badge should be more than an online vote on worked up designs.
  • Ticket prices for 2016/17.
  • Any significant changes proposed to the current stadium arrangements – on the family area, for example.
  • More affordable mascot and kit sponsorship packages; for example by reintroducing the option to sponsor part of the kit at a cheaper rate.  A national paper “exposed” that charges to be a QPR mascot were the highest in the Premier League last season. This needs to be looked at, as do junior season ticket prices – again among the most expensive.
  • Restoration of the traditional Player of the Year event as an opportunity for staff, players and fans to come together to celebrate the season.
  • Family days – this has been successful over the last years. Supporters may have ideas for making them even better.


QPR1st will also continue to press the club to pay all staff at least the Living Wage  – currently £9.15 in London, and ensure contractors are similarly paid. We raised the issue with Premier League staff in February, and were pleased when PL clubs later agreed to pay directly employed staff from the 2016/17 season. We hope the club will keep to that pledge and also make sure subcontractors pay staff the Living Wage, as set out by the Living Wage Foundation.  QPR1st regrets the fact that it is Chelsea and not QPR that has won praise for adopting the Living Wage for staff and contractors.