GLA says clubs building new stadiums should pay the living wage

Clubs planning to build new stadiums as part of regeneration projects should pay the London Living Wage to all stadium employees, according to a charter set to be agreed by the Greater London Authority tomorrow (Wednesday).

This comes three months after QPR1st and others called on the club to commit itself to paying the Living Wage to staff and contractors. The club rejected the call.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who takes over control of planning for the Old Oak regeneration next week, is a big supporter of the London Living Wage, and made the announcement of its increase to £9.15 an hour in November.

He said: “It is extremely encouraging to see companies both large and small recognising the benefits of fair remuneration. The London Living Wage rewards hard working Londoners for their valuable contribution to the productivity and growth of this city’s economy.

“It is a win-win scenario for the workforce and employers alike.”

But not at QPR, apparently. At a time when the club should be trying to win friends and influence people, it seems strange to be so obdurate on this issue, which has cross-party support.

The charter is part of a report prepared by Conservative and Labour members of the GLA’s Regeneration Committee.

It looks at the positive record of stadium-led developments in London and makes a number of recommendations.

The charter says football clubs and relevant local authorities seeking to develop a stadium- led regeneration scheme should commit to measures including:

  • a skills and employment strategy to prepare and upskill local communities in order that they can access the new jobs.
  • paying the London Living Wage to all stadium employees.
  • supporting the Mayor’s housing targets including having both family and social rented affordable housing.
  • consulting with a diverse range of local community and stakeholder groups to identify effective uses of the stadium scheme as a community asset.

The report, to be discussed by the GLA regeneration committee tomorrow is here: