About QPR1st

On Wednesday 4th of April 2001, an initial meeting was held in a London pub by around 30 concerned fans representing various areas of QPR support. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the setting up of a Supporters Trust, in the light of the recent announcement of the club being placed into administration.

The short-term objective was to liaise with the Administrators, and to ensure that all areas of QPR support are represented. The longer term aims were to foster closer relations with the club and its supporters.

Guidance was on hand from a representative of Supporters Direct, a Government-backed organisation offering support to football supporters and shareholders groups wishing to set up a trust.

What is a Supporters Trust?

A Supporters Trust aims to unite all those who have an abiding passion for their football club. It is a platform for all fans to have a say on the issues that affect supporters, the club, and the communities it serves.

It is completely independent of the club and is non profit-making. It is based on a democratic process of open membership, where each member has one vote. These principles are enshrined in the Trust’s constitution.

Many Trusts operate share-pooling and share-purchasing schemes whereby the shareholding members agree to pass their voting rights to the Trust, and the Trust buys shares to acquire a financial stake in the club.

Above all, a Supporters Trust seeks to bring together the skills, energy, ideas and passion that football supporters can contribute to the running of their club, and to make sure that the club listens. A number of clubs already have Supporters Trust representatives on the Board of Directors.

For additional details about supporters trusts please visit Supporters Direct.