Twentys Plenty

QPR and Bolton supporters came together before Saturday’s game at Loftus Road to back the Football Supporters’ Federation “Twenty’s Plenty” weekend of action calling for lower ticket prices.


The banner was also displayed inside the ground at the front of the South Africa Road stand at half-time.

Supporters brought banners to all Premier League and most Championship games at the weekend in an unprecedented national campaign.

Pictured outside the entrance to the ground are members of QPR1st, the LSA and some Bolton fans displaying the banner.

Twenty’s Plenty aims to reduce costs for travelling supporters, in order to make football more affordable and acknowledge the huge, positive impact away fans have on the game. The FSF also argues for lower Home tickets too. 

The FSF will be publishing pictures from around the grounds on its website shortly.

 More information is on:

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Consultation Committee minutes

Stephen Dedridge and Neil Jackson from QPR1st Supporters Trust were invited to attend the first meeting of a Fans Consultation Committee. The meeting seemed to be very positive and constructive and we hope sets the tone for future meetings.

Click here to view meeting minutes Consultation-Committee-10th-September-2015

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Twenty’s Plenty Weekend of Action

The Football Supporters’ Federation “Twenty’s Plenty” weekend of action calling for lower ticket prices, takes place on Saturday and Sunday with activity at games throughout the leagues.

 And we will be able to get behind the banner of the campaign before the Bolton game.  QPR and Bolton supporters can gather behind the banner for a photo-opportunity on South Africa Road about 2.15 – 2.30.

 Banners will be on display at all Premier League and most Championship games.

 FSF Chief Executive Kevin Miles said: “Over the past 25 years money has flowed into football enriching players, owners, executives and agents – we think it’s about time fans saw some of the benefits too.

 “Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets aims to reduce costs for travelling supporters, in order to make football more affordable and acknowledge the huge, positive impact away fans have on the game. We think home tickets are often too expensive as well, but the current focus is on away tickets as there is currently more chance of league-wide action on this.”

 More information is on:

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Fan coalition backs Information Commissioner’s demand to publish full terms of Olympic Stadium deal

Supporters’ trusts’ campaign results in successful Freedom of Information request

A coalition of 14 supporters’ trusts – including QPR1st – seeking clarity on the Olympic Stadium deal with West Ham United FC have called on London Mayor Boris Johnson and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to ensure the full publication of the commercial terms of the contract after a positive response from the Information Commissioner.

 The Information Commissioner has responded to a complaint lodged by the group under the Freedom of Information Act, ordering full publication of the commercial terms of the agreement, as requested by the coalition, within 35 days from the decision notice date of September 3rd.

The LLDC has 28 days in which to lodge an appeal but the coalition of groups has called on Boris Johnson, as head of the LLDC to waive that right, saying:

 “The Information Commissioner’s decision could not have been clearer, and it is equally clear to us that publication must follow. This campaign is publicly backed by 25,000 individuals, football supporters’ trusts from around the country, and the public interest in the issue is there for all to see.

 “We call on the mayor not to use the appeal system to delay publication of this document further. If he does it will open him up to the suspicion that he has something to hide.

 “This is an issue about the use of public money to, apparently, subsidise a commercial football business. It seems the taxpayer will be paying the cost of a series of overheads which every other club, rightly, has to pay for themselves. It is important that the taxpayer is allowed to know exactly what has gone on here, and to judge whether it is a responsible and fair use of public money.”

At the Mayor’s Question Time at the City Hall (16 September) questions have been tabled on the issue by Andrew Dismore, Labour & Cooperative London Assembly member.

The issue is covered in The guardian here:

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Ron Springett R.I.P

Ron Springett passed away on the 12th September following a short illness. We join the club in offering our condolences to his family.

Ron had 2 spells as QPR goalkeeper either side of his time at Sheffield Wednesday. After retiring from Football Ron ran a sports shop on the Uxbridge Road for a number of years. Like his brother Peter he will be fondly remembered by the QPR community.

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Warren Farm still progessing according to Lee Hoos

At a meeting on Thursday Lee Hoos confirmed that the club is still intending to push ahead with plans for a new training complex at Warren Farm and that rumours that the club was dropping the project were untrue.

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Government response to Olympic Stadium Petition

Government response to Olympic Stadium petition “wholly inadequate”, say supporters’ group

The Government’s response to calls for a public inquiry into the deal between the London Legacy Development Corporation and West Ham United for the rental of the Olympic Stadium has been condemned as “wholly inadequate” by a coalition of 14 football Supporters’ Trusts. The coalition had set up a petition on the UK Government website, calling for a public inquiry into the terms of the deal.

The petition reached the 10,000 signatures required for a government response within 24 hours. That response, belatedly issued yesterday, rejected the call for an inquiry, and it was immediately condemned by the supporters’ coalition.

“This statement only recycles arguments we have previously heard from the London Legacy Development Corporation and West Ham United,” said the coalition. “The facts we have uncovered need to be addressed by the Government. This statement ignores them. It is wholly inadequate.”

“The Government claims the contract has been widely scrutinised. Yet the taxpayer continues to be denied sight of it. The Government speaks of ‘profits’ flowing to the taxpayer, yet we have shown that no profit comes from West Ham’s rental because  matchday overheads normally paid by clubs are in this case paid by the taxpayer.”

The Information Commissioner has still to rule on whether the rental agreement cannot be released to the public because it is “commercially sensitive”. The coalition has sent detailed submissions to the ICO which challenge the assertion that disclosure of the contract would cause commercial damage.

“We are currently obtaining professional verification of new information which appears to cast further doubt on the value of the deal for the taxpayer,” said the coalition. “As soon as we are confident  of the facts and their implications we will make a further announcement. It would surely be in the Government’s interest to release the entire contract. If it continues to fall to concerned citizens to uncover the facts, drip by drip, the impression of a cover-up will grow.”

 If you haven’t yet completed the petition you can do so here

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Supporting Stan Bowles

Supporting Stan

It was great to see Stan Bowles on the pitch on Saturday so obviously enjoying the applause and chants of support from all four sides of Loftus Road.

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust welcomes the success of Stan Bowles Day, a celebration organised by the club in support of Stan and his family.

Let’s all get behind the fund raising effort to support the Bowles family caring for Stan, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the Alzheimer’s Society, the research and support charity for people with dementia, their families and carers.

To donate to the Stan Bowles GoFundMe account, click

To donate to the Alzheimer’s Society, click

To learn more about the Alzheimer’s Society, click

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London football supporter coalition calls for Olympic stadium deal inquiry

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust has joined other supporter groups across London in launching a petition calling for a public inquiry into the deal agreed between West Ham United and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) for the rental of the Olympic Stadium.

A petition has been launched on the UK Government and Parliament site:

This call for an inquiry comes in the wake of the recent BBC documentary that exposed the level of taxpayer subsidy being provided to West Ham United to occupy the stadium, and the subsequent calls for a public inquiry made by MP’s Chris Bryant and David Lammy.

The supporter groups believe this deal, many of the details of which remain secret even after a Freedom of Information Act request, raises serious questions about the level of taxpayer subsidy given to a private company. We are also deeply concerned about the competitive advantage given to one club over others through this taxpayer subsidy.

The coalition says: “The fact that so many supporter groups have come together to call for this inquiry shows that the issues raised go beyond football tribalism. As football fans and as taxpayers, we want to see the preservation of fair competition and full transparency in public finances. This deal is not in the interests of the game of football and does little to promote public confidence in the way our money is being spent.”

The organisations supporting this call are:

• Arsenal Supporters’ Trust
• Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust
• Chelsea Supporters’ Trust
• Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust
• Fulham Supporters’ Trust
• Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust
• QPR1st Supporters’ Trust
• Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust


Title: Launch a full public inquiry into the deal agreed between West Ham United and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) for the rental of the Olympic Stadium.”

Background: We believe public money should be used responsibly, fairly, and in a way which does not distort the competitiveness of independent sports bodies and businesses. Yet, West Ham has only contributed £15m towards the £272m conversion costs of the Olympic Stadium, with the taxpayer footing the rest of the bill. The club has been allowed to keep the entire proceeds of the sale of their current stadium, last valued in their own accounts at £71m. Rental is said to be £2.5m per annum, dropping by half to £1.25m should West Ham be relegated, but recent revelations show that the taxpayer will also be picking up the costs of stadium utilities, security, maintaining the pitch, and even the goalposts and corner flags – estimated to be worth between £1.4m and £2.5m a year. Considering the cost to the taxpayer, and the effect of this taxpayer subsidy on competition between clubs, a full public inquiry into the deal is needed.

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Club Crest survey

The long-awaited consultation on a new crest for QPR is now underway.  The club has published a survey and is inviting supporters to give their views. Closing date for the survey is 28 August.

 See the survey here

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