New ground proposals and Car Giant

QPR1st, the supporters’ trust, asked for a meeting with the club to discuss the new stadium project and to see if supporters can help the club to make progress and a meeting with supporter groups is now expected.

 The Trust is concerned that there have been conflicting reports on progress for the project, including media reports that suggest there are problems with the new stadium project and that a move within the club’s traditional home of Hammersmith and Fulham may be in doubt.

The Trust was approached by Mr Mendes of Car Giant to discuss its position in relation to the proposals and a meeting has taken place this Wednesday between QPR1st reps and Mr Mendes. Car Giant is a major landowner in the Old Oak area where the new stadium is proposed.

 The trust looks forward to meeting the club to see what can be done to help make progress towards a new stadium for QPR.


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Warren Farm and Tony Fernandes recent quotes


We have noted with interest and also some concern the comments attributed to QPR chairman Tony Fernandes regarding the proposed development of Warren Farm and the possibility of scrapping tis development and instead further improving the existing facilities at Harlington.

When plans for the development of training facilities at Warren Farm were put forward they included not only first class training and coaching facilities but also significant benefits to the local community in terms of improved sporting facilities.  We would be disappointed if delays in the development caused by what appears to be a relatively small local opposition caused the development of Warren Farm to be cancelled and it would perhaps not send out a positive signal to potential partners looking to work with QPR on future large-scale projects.

Of course it is only sensible for an organisation to have alternatives and contingency plans and if Warren Farm is eventually legally blocked then an alternative solution must be found but bearing in mind the work that has been put in so far and the long term benefits for the football club (deemed essential in past statements by the club)  and the local community we would hope that every avenue is pursued and some patience applied in order to make the move to Warren Farm a reality.

We look forward to an official statement from the club outlining its current position in relation to Warren Farm


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In Tony We Trust

As QPR fans get over their hangovers, their thoughts will perhaps now start to turn to how much promotion could put them out of pocket- and we are not talking about any huge Credit Card bill run up during Saturday’s Celebrations.


The last time we were promoted to the premiership, the sense of euphoria quickly evaporated when a huge ticket price increase was announced and Amit Bhatia felt compelled to resign.


Our situation now feels very different. We are sure that the Club appreciate that those fans who continued to buy season tickets after relegation deserve recognition and reward. It was the 12th man who kept the squad going through this challenging season.


We hope the Board will not rule out following Burnley’s example of a price freeze for current Season Ticket Holders or at the very least only a modest rise. This is an essential step to keeping the feel good momentum going to help us progress in the Premier League.

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Congratulations QPR

QPR 1st Supporters’ Trust  congratulates the team on an extraordinary success at Wembley, taking us back to the Premier League. We are delighted with the determination of the players on the the pitch, the great performance by supporters, the work of the manager and back-room staff and the commitment of enthusiasm of club chairman Tony Fernandes, Amit Bhatia, and the rest of the Board.  All this came together to get us back to the Premier League.

We look forward to a genuine partnership between the club and supporters to make us a strong long-term member of the Premier League. Our hope now is that the club will be able to thrive in the Premier League with lessons learned from our last two seasons.

Derby players and their supporters were sporting opponents who contributed to one of English football’s great occasion. We wish them well in the future.

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Petition against creation of B teams league

QPR 1st Supporters’ Trust is urging support for a petition that has been launched against the proposal for the creation of a B teams league, detailed in Greg Dykes’ report for the Football Association.

The proposal of the FA Commission led by FA Chairman Greg Dyke, would break up the English league system. It could benefit the most powerful clubs but would potentially damage other clubs and their ability to recruit and develop talented players.

The proposal was drawn up without the involvement of supporters and without consultation with Supporters Direct or the Football Supporters Federation despite their combined membership of one million.

The resulting #NoToLeague3 campaign came from the grassroots and nearly 30,000 supporters have signed its on-line petition in a matter of days.

And please sign and share the petition:

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Supporters Summit – have your voices heard

MP leading Football Governance reform campaign in Westminster calls on fans to get involved on July 26th

Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe, and the man responsible for the cross party supported Football Governance Bill has come out strongly in favour of Supporters Direct and the FSF’s call for proper consultation with supporters about the future of our national game, and urged fans to attend the Supporters Summit on the 26th July.

His Bill is designed to tackle some of the issues long campaigned on by SD and the FSF, including the most recent Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee reports – the fifth report in forty years demanding big changes to the way the game is run in England.

Much of the recent focus has been on the widely panned proposals for B-Teams and ‘Strategic Loan Partnerships’. The deeply unpopular ideas were tabled by Greg Dyke’s FA Commission on the ‘Future of the England team’, with the response summed up in grassroots #SayNoToLeague3 campaign.

Despite Dyke’s Commission claiming to have ‘engaged widely with football’s stakeholders’, SD only had their submission acknowledged days after the report had been published, the FSF merely had their submission ‘acknowledged’, and neither were invited to give evidence formally to the Commission. This is despite both representing a combined membership/activist base of some one million fans, members of supporters’ trusts and other supporters’ organisations.

More recently, the way that important decisions are being made across Leagues and governing bodies has moved into sharp focus, particularly in recent days.

In his message, Collins said:

“Football is nothing without the fans and any reform of the sport must include consultation with supporters including representative bodies such as Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters’ Federation. I would urge fans to attend the upcoming SD/FSF Summit and have their voices heard.”

Robin Osterley, Chief Executive of SD, commented:

“We welcome Damian’s work on the running of the game, which is a continuation of the work done by John Whittingdale’s Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. Fans need to unite on the big issues, along with our other allies in the game – at grassroots, in non-league, and across football. So many of us share a desire to see the way the game is run changed to benefit the fans and all those who care about it, and not just a privileged elite. We urge you to seize the opportunity on the 26th July, and help us to create a real manifesto for change that we can all campaign on together.”

Five things you can do

1. You can sign up for the Supporters Summit via a specially dedicated website:

2. You can watch a video about Damian’s Bill via his You Tube Channel  and ask for your MP to support it via

3. You can sign and share the #SayNoToLeague3 petition via:

4. You can read SD’s submission to the Dyke Commission

5. You can read the FSF’s submission to the Dyke Commission

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Statement regarding the Fans Forum

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust has welcomed the willingness of Chairman Tony Fernandes, CEO Phillip Beard and COO Mark Donnelly, alongside Rodney Marsh, to respond to questions from supporters at last night’s fans’ forum.

We welcome assurances given that the club has a plan for next season’s player wages bill, the support expressed for youth development, pledges for further consultation on the new stadium, to support former players, and to help fans with a disability to enjoy the away play-off game.

We also welcome confirmation that QPR will own the new  stadium.

We hope this forum was a first step to an ongoing dialogue between the club’s owners and management with supporters. In particular, we hope there will be more information on the plans the club has to manage its debt. Plans were referred to, but not their possible implications for purchasing players, ticket prices or other aspects of club development.

To build on the success for the fans’ forum, we ask that Tony Fernandes takes part in a similar meeting at least once a year, and look forward to meetings between ourselves as the Supporters’ Trust and the chief executive.  Together, the club and its supporters can build the strong culture for QPR that the chairman has said he wants to achieve.

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QPR1st Mourns The Death of Former Rs, Clive Clark

QPR1st was deeply saddened to hear of the passing yesterday, of former Queen’s Park Rangers winger, Clive “Chippy” Clark at age 73:   Clive had long been in poor health.

Clive was one of QPR’s finest players to play for the club in our pre-1967 era.  Clive made his QPR debut in September 1958 away to Bournemouth and and played some 60 games for QPR before being sold in 1961 to West Bromwich Albion  for an Albion-record 20,000 pounds. According  to Manager, Alec Stock, he sold Clark to avoid him being kicked to pieces by Third Division defenders.
Clark spent almost a decade at Albion, playing over 300 games and scoring close to 100 goals (including scoring twice against QPR at Wembley in the 1967 League Cup Final!)

Clark briefly returned to QPR in 1969, in a part-exchange for QPR’s Alan Glover, before moving on to Preston North End a few months later. Clark marked his “Second” QPR Debut, scoring against Hull in the season opener at Loftus Road (a game in which Terry Venables also made his QPR debut and in which Rodney Marsh also played).

QPR1st sends it deepest sympathies to the Clark family who can be assured that Clive will always have a prominent place in QPR History.

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Question for Fans Forum Thursday 1st May

A member of QPR 1st will be attending the Fans Forum on Thursday. If you have a question you would like to have raised please let us know at  we will put forward the question that is most popular that isn’t being asked by somebody else. all questions submitted by Monday 28th at 17:30 will be collated and considered

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QPR1st urge all fans to complete the new Stadium Survey

QPR1st urge all fans to complete the new Stadium Survey

Following consultation with fans about what could be included in a stadium survey, QPR1st is very pleased that the official survey launched today addresses many of the issues and areas we felt needed to be highlighted. We feel that the club has taken note of our consultation exercise and should be congratulated for doing so. We hope that the Club will follow the example set by Bristol City and issue a second survey after the initial stadium designs are published to test whether fans feel their views have been taken into account.

We respect that the survey is limited in scope in dealing with initial design considerations. Nevertheless we have been reassured by Mark Donnelly that together with the transport survey this is merely the start of a thorough consultation process.

Certainly the feedback the supporters trust received from our consultation exercise was that fans welcome the idea of having past players being honoured by having sections of the stadium named after them or through statues or murals. This is of something we hope that the club will address with fans at an appropriate stage because these are the very details that will make the stadium a distinctive home for the club.

Please do complete the survey. The more fans that do the greater the accuracy in terms of the Club determining our wishes and aspirations.

Link to survey

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