QPR1st exists to serve the best interests of all Queens Park Rangers fans and is committed to fulfilling that role with diligence and integrity.

To that end, we pledge:

  • To canvass the views of our members on a regular basis, and act in accordance with the majority opinion.
  • To be a listening organisation, with every member’s opinion being considered valid.
  • To make our Trust open and accessible to every QPR fan, regardless of age, race, gender or disability.
  • To run the Trust openly and under democratic principles, and deliver in a controlled manner.
  • To keep QPR fans informed to the best of our ability of all issues affecting Queens Park Rangers Football Club and the role of QPR1st in relation to that.
  • To work towards constructive partnership with the board and all democratic QPR organisations.
  • To promote and nurture support for Queens Park Rangers Football Club.
  • To foster the role of QPR within the surrounding community, and to recognise at all times that the QPR community exists far and wide.

You can view and download the QPR1st constitution in PDF format by clicking here.