What is QPR1st?
QPR1st is a supporters trust. A supporters trust is a not-for-profit supporters’ organisation that aims to take a proactive role in the life of the football club.

Isn’t this just a supporters club by another name?
No. The conventional model of the supporters club is an idea that is now looking increasingly outdated. Supporters trusts aim to do away with the passive, deferential relationship between the fan-base and the football club. The new way is a partnership approach based on mutual respect.

How else does a supporters trust like QPR1st differ from the supporters club?
QPR1st is a democratic organisation with annually-elected representatives who are accessible and fully accountable to the membership.

What are the aims of QPR1st?
The specific aims of QPR1st will be decided by its membership, but are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • Directly-elected representation on the board of the plc;
  • The formation of a supporter-shareholder group, combining the votes of individual shareholders;
  • A block of shares held collectively in trust. Further shares may be bought to increase revenue for QPR and simultaneously to buy more influence for the supporters;
  • To promote the fervently-held belief that the true strength and talent of Queens Park Rangers Football Club lies within its fanbase;
  • To be a positive influence in the evolution of the club;
  • To work harder to raise the profile of QPR within the local community, and therefore to nurture our supporters of the future;
  • To undertake community projects for the benefit of local people and aim to make QPR the heart of that community;
  • To reach out to local businesses in order to encourage them to invest in the club and to appreciate the mutual inter-dependence of the club and the business community;
  • To extend the term ‘community’ to include the QPR community outside of London W12, and to encourage and nurture support for QPR both nationwide and worldwide;
  • To encourage multi-cultural, multi-ethnic support for QPR, and to confront racism
  • To make QPR accessible to people with disabilities

How many members does QPR1st have?
As of March 2013, QPR1st has 930 e-members, of which around 51 are currently paid up shareholders (registered members with full voting rights) in the Trust, and 1,794 followers on Twitter. At its peak, The Trust had just shy of 2,000 e-members, of which around 630 were shareholders.

The Trust is committed to increasing both registered members and e-members. If you are not currently receiving newsletters from the Trust you can rejoin either as a paid up member or as an e-member.