Lee Hoos Retirement And New CEO Installed

Queens Park Rangers Supporters’ Trust QPR1st would like to say thank you to Lee Hoos as he retires as Chief Executive Officer of the club.

His stepping back is not a total surprise as one of his major objectives was to complete the build off the new training ground, had the club been more stable he may have moved on last summer.

In the eight years Lee has been at the club he has been consistent in his aim to ensure the club is sustainable. We accept this has been a difficult job and that he’s done that with good grace and generally with respect. Lee has maintained good relationships with the fans groups and the club has become much more responsive to the requests from fans. We were fortunate that we got a chief executive officer with a great deal of experience in English football and who “got” football fans. While some have criticised him, compared to previous occupants of the post he has been a willing ear and has maintained a dialogue with confidence and insight. His experience will continue to be of benefit to the board and the new CEO.

We welcome Christian Nourry as the new CEO and we hope we will be meeting him imminently. Having been recruited from the consultancy that has been working for the club for several months it is it’s hoped that the knowledge he already has of Queens Park Rangers will benefit the club in the immediate future.

We would like to hear more about Christian’s background. It is said that he has worked in football consultancy for 11 years, this suggests he started in the business when still a teenager. His work for Retexo Intelligence has given him a profile in the football world, particularly in the buying of football clubs. We know the club is looking for investment; is this appointment a prelude to a sale?

In his first interview on the website it is disappointing to hear that the club has no plans or ability to take part in the January transfer window We fear this will lead to relegation.

It is clear the club and the directors are undergoing a major reset in operations. We hope that this will ensure the future of the club and enable it to rise again and take its appropriate place in the league and be the well-run football club the supporters deserve.