Gareth Ainsworth Departure

QPR 1st Supporters’ Trust accepts that the dismissal of Head Coach Gareth Ainsworth and assistant Richard Dobson was inevitable following recent results.

Like most QPR fans we really wanted Gareth to succeed but it is clear that the job was beyond him. We have no doubt that he poured his heart and soul into his work. His optimism and enthusiasm reflected his performances for QPR as a player, one who kept going long after others would have given up.

Unfortunately the reality was on the pitch. The style of football was not what Rangers fans have come to expect and demand. Long ball, sitting back, hopefully not conceding and sneaking one in. We were promised dead ball creativity but too often we got confusing complexity. The change in formation and selection for the Blackburn game made no sense and was punished appropriately.
Teams do not win games on hope.

Gareth was dealt a bad hand, and many others would have struggled with what he had to play with. We hoped that he had solved the awful injury situation from last season, but as results have failed to improve over the last few weeks, so has the casualty list.

It is good to see Gareth has tried to select young players who have been mere rumours to past managers. At times the only way to find out about them is for them to step up and play.
Gareth’s appointment feels like it was made in desperation. The owners disposed of a management team that had been stable for three years and had brought a level of hope to the club. Subsequent management choices have proved disastrous.

Gareth had been in the frame before but turned down for footballing reasons. In the end it felt that his success at Wycombe and respect among the QPR faithful became an itch that needed to be scratched.
Scratch an itch too much and it bleeds.

Gareth, we love you. You tried so hard. You will always have our respect.