News update

ollowing a conversation with David Davies, we can confirm that the ‘lock out’ period with the Melzack consortium, which was due to end yesterday has been extended for a further week.

Skills overload

Thanks to all members who have returned their registration forms, we are currently collating information regarding the wide range of skills that members have to offer. One application stood out and amazed us with the sheer scope of specialist skills packed into one supporter.

All round Superhero, fantastic looking, handy with my hands, can cook burgers, can open tomato sauce and mustard, fry onions, wash and iron – especially QPR shirts, impersonate Jude The Cat, shout very loud – especially URRRR’s, Managerial, Financial, Computer and Man Management skills, including organising a party at a brewery!”

Thanks Crash, we are sure someone will be in touch soon – “NURSE!”

Roll of Honour

It’s been a long and winding road since the idea of a QPR supporters trust was first hatched in the Uxbridge Arms. A massive amount of time and energy has been put into it and has caused many a sleepless night. But we’ve achieved our first goal with a committee voted for by the supporters.

It couldn’t have happened at all however without the invaluable help of many R’s fans. So, in no particular order, QPR1st would like to give a great big wet sloppy kiss (no tongues though) and say ‘Thanks mate’ to:

Andy Lynam: Was on the original interim committee, set up the website and came up with the name QPR1st in the Uxbridge Arms.

Dave Thomas: Interim committee member. Did masses of PR/media work, preparing press statements, lots of website material and leaflet printing.

Barry Sutton: Co-opted interim committee member. Helped us on the financial side, spoke with administrators etc.

John McCooke: Co-opted interim committee member. Did an enormous amount of work in the political jungle by communicating with the council. Also wrote material to be used in the media.

Graham Barnes: Co-opted interim committee member. Our own internal administrator. Replied to the e-mails that came into QPR1st and helped out in setting up the membership.

Maurice Fitzgerald: Co-opted interim committee member. He worked on the shareholding side before he stepped down to pursue a bid for the club. Maurice also provided office facilities for early meetings.

Steve Rapjohns: Co-opted interim committee member. LSA committee member who gave the trust a lot of support through himself and the LSA.

Steve Kempner: Local solicitor who offered his services and helped us regarding some legal matters.

Neil Truckle: Printed all the membership/ballot forms for us.

Sean Hamil & Dave Boyle: Our caseworkers from Supporters Direct whose help and advice continues to prove extremely valuable.

Sparky Radford and the Techies Team: Sparky designed our wonderful rosette emblem and he and the Techies Team did an enormous amount of work on the website and other techie things.

Peter Gridneff: For taking over the QPR 1st Webmaster role and for his continuing good work.

Richard Bristow: For his donation of office supplies

Pete Nutall: Club mc who offered his services free for the town hall meeting.

Clive Soley MP: Clive Soley MP was instrumental in pulling together the QPR 1st political plan and for someone with no interest in football showed himself to be an astute and vigorous ally of QPR supporters everywhere. That he continues to lobby the club behind the scenes when the spotlight of publicity has long moved on is to his credit

Ben Taylor and all at the Council: for their help with local issues and also for the way they helped with the hiring of the town hall.

Uxbridge Arms Originals!

Jean Lambert: Administration help

Tom Rizzo: For his kind donation of a family season ticket under the QPR 1st umbrella, for use by social services for local disadvantaged children.

Liam Duggan: For helping to write and compile this roll of honour.

To all the people who helped us at the Hammersmith town hall meeting – the fans who helped with security, photographers, fans who wrote reports, bucket collection volunteers. Also the fans who helped to leaflet around the ground. And the numerous others who offered their services and helped us. Apologies if we’ve missed anyone out, the help from everyone has been overwhelming. We couldn’t have got this far without your help. You know who you are! And of course we wouldn’t be here at all without ALL the QPR supporters. So even bigger wet sloppy kisses to you all (still no tongues).