Season ticket prices

QPR1st welcome the announcement by the Club to slash season ticket prices and effectively reverse the price hike that led to Amit Bhatia’s resignation and confirmed the contempt in which Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone regarded the loyal fans who had stuck with the Club through thick and thin.

Whilst some have pointed out that what QPR fans were already paying in the Championship was over the odds, many fans will appreciate not just the financial savings, but the symbolic gesture of fans being recognised for our continued passion and commitment.

We also congratulate the Club on the process of genuine consultation with the Supporters Trust and other fans representative groups leading up to the decision. While we respected the Club’s request not to say too much about what was discussed prior to this announcement, we are happy to state that the Club proved to be honest brokers and were true to their word in wanting to take action based on our comments and advice. We hope that this has established the framework for future engagement between the Club and the Supporters Trust.

The Trust believes the reduced pricing will help improve the atmosphere at Loftus Road next season.