Support for former players?

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust welcomes the Club’s announcement of the Forever R’s Club for former players and the first meeting of “Former Players Committee”. This is something that has been long advocated by fans.

QPR1st will welcome hearing whether there are any plans to expand the committee to include additional former players, including those not directly employed by QPR, and perhaps additional fans as well.

This is a start, but we urge the football club to consider how support might be provided to former players who may have served the club well but are facing hardship.

The minutes of the players’ committee state that “this would not be a Club that would provide funds to Former Players who may be ill or experiencing financial hardship. The PFA perform this role for its members”.

Other clubs have adopted a more flexible approach. Reading FC Former Players’ Association links with 200 former players and provides help “including, but not limited to, social and welfare support”.

Everton created a registered charity; The Everton Former Player’s Association. This raises funds at matches, through raffles and special events. According to the charity, money raised goes “towards the medical assistance and other requirements of former Everton players who did not have the luxury of today’s inflated wages. Some players bear the physical scars of giving their all in the Royal Blue jersey, and the Foundation contributes where it can towards medical assistance that improves the lives of these heroes of days gone by.”

We urge the club to look at creative solutions that could provide support to former QPR players where there is genuine need.