AGM News

We have been in touch with a corporate lawyer to ensure that the resolutions within the Loftus Road plc agm paperwork are above board, and though there are a couple of little niggles, it would appear that everything is in order regarding them. However, we are currently working on a number of questions and issues to bring up with the board on the day and we will produce a full report of the meeting on our website afterwards.

For any shareholders who wish to proxy their vote to the Trust, please enter “Tracy Stent on behalf of QPR 1st Supporters Trust” on your proxy form before sending it back to Lloyds Registrars. Tracy will be representing the Trust’s shareholding on the day, along with any other shareholders who wish to proxy their vote to QPR 1st. Allocating somebody else to act as your proxy does not affect your own rights in attending the meeting.

Many thanks in advance if you do lend your proxy to the Trust, and we hope to see you there on the day.