QPR1st welcomes the purchase of the club by Tony Fernandes

We are delighted that the club can now move forward after months of uncertainty. The Trust is pleased to welcome back Amit Bhatia as vice-chair and that the Mittals have maintained their stake in the club. Having listened to and read Mr Fernandes’ initial media interviews we are glad that we have an owner who it appears will take a long term view of the club and wants to build the infrastructure and the management team.

The Trust is pleased that it appears that all loans from the previous owners have been bought out including one for the Loftus Road Stadium. The Trust believes that the club owning its own ground is essential to future financial stability.

We understand that Gianni Paladini remains at the club but his position is under review. We would like clarification of his role.

The change in ownership has already raised the spirits of QPR fans. We hope that continues and that the supporters will be able to play a full part in building the club for the future. To that end we hope that supporters’ groups will have an early opportunity to meet with the new owners and the management team. We also suggest that the new owners can immediately show that things have changed by organising a fans forum in the early autumn to start rebuilding the relationship between club and fans that had deteriorated under the previous regime.