Coventry City Situation

QPR1st would like to offer our support to the Sky Blue Supporters Trust of Coventry City Football Club. Yet again it appears that it is ordinary fans who suffer as a result of poor governance and financial regulation of the national game. The statement issued by the Sky Blue Trust is shown below:

The Sky Blue Trust are appalled at the latest turn of events. Liquidation poses the most serious threat to the future of our Club. Where today’s liquidation leaves our club, we don’t yet know. The Football League have not issued a verdict yet, but it has consistently failed to make decisions that have taken into account the views of the supporters and the community that sustain our Club. It has failed to stand up to the bullying and alleged legal threats coming from SISU, and it has still failed to investigate the role of Joy Seppala as a shadow director.

Today’s publication of documents purporting to show that administrator Paul Appleton and SISU itself must have known all along where the Golden Share of the Football League lay all along is another area of deep concern for us which we call on the League to investigate.

We call upon all those involved to pause for thought before taking any further action. Please don’t make a bad situation any worse. We urge the League not to take precipitate action to award the share to Otium. They must give full consideration to the detailed representations the Trust has made to them, in a detailed, evidenced dossier, before they take any decisions.

We would implore you all to finally look seriously at your responsibilities and act accordingly – what is needed now is the right action not a knee jerk reaction. The future long term viability of Coventry City must be the over riding criteria. Your actions will now be judged by thousands of Sky Blue fans and the world of football in general at a most critical time.

Do not compound your mistakes. Do the right thing.