Safe standing: sign & share the petition!

Message from the Football Supporters Federation

Safe standing was in the news again this morning as the Premier League claimed that only 5% of fans want to stand and actually use a dedicated standing area for 90 minutes – apparently backing the Sports Minister’s claims about the safe standing campaign being a “vocal minority”. Their claims were immediately challenged by supporters across the country and those in the Football League, such as Brentford FC, who sell out their standing accommodation week in, week out.

Since the minister’s decision to block a safe standing pilot at the Hawthorns last week, momentum has gathered behind Owen Riches’s safe standing petition on the Government’s official petition page – surpassing 70,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Now we’re urging all of our affiliates across the divisions to back the petition and share it among their memberships. It takes 30 seconds to fill in and sharing it across your social media and other networks could help it reach that all-important 100,000 mark.

If you support Safe Standing please sign and share the petition at the link below