The Clubs Old Oak Stadium Appeal

The club is asking supporters to make their support known to the Old Oak regeneration planners. They explain how here  While  QPR 1st Supporters’ Trust continue to have some serious unanswered questions about the new stadium, its actual ownership and QPR’s position at the stadium, we nonetheless urge supporters to show backing for the club’s aim of moving to a new stadium.

 For QPR to prosper in the years to come we need, like so many football clubs in the country, to improve our stadium and to attract more supporters. Sadly, that cannot be achieved at Loftus Road, but may be possible in the Old Oak regeneration area, and so we support the club in proposing this move.  It is well known that Car Giant are well down the road in developing plans for the land they own within the regeneration area.  However, no decisions have been made by the planning authorities on what they want to see at Old Oak, and will not be made for some time. QPR fans therefore have an opportunity to influence the outcome if we make our voices heard

 We therefore believe a move to a new stadium will be in the interests of the club, as long as the stadium is the genuine home ground of the club.  We want the club to be transparent about a major issue; around the ownership and use of what is described as a “multifunctional” stadium. We believe the club should give supporters an unequivocal statement that the football club will in genuine partnership with the supporters be in the driving seat in the design and day to day management of the stadium – putting football first, rather than the cub becoming simply another tenant in a soulless entertainment centre