So what would you do?

Imagine that the newly elected Qpr 1st committee members got their comeuppance and YOU were elected to serve instead of one of those freeloading egomaniacs. After all, they only seem to have negative things to say about the various bidding parties, don’t they?

Imagine too, that you don’t have a hectic job, which regularly leaves you drained and fit for nothing come evening.

Imagine too, that you don’t have to worry about your family – after all, they can look after themselves can’t they?

As for potential bidders, imagine this:

 You do not know anything about the bid structure, because the bidders don’t want to divulge this information.

Indeed they seem to revel in admitting that what they have told you isn’t the whole story.

 You don’t know where the funds behind the bid are to come from, again, because the bidders don’t want you to know this.

 A major player in the bid team will not even reveal his name to you!

 The bid leader is avoiding you and maintaining a low profile (on the advice of someone who you would have thought was only interested in the successful future of the Club, but seems to be spinning in favour of the bid on the table).

 The owner of the Club throws a paddy when you ask the most straightforward of questions and tells you that; (a) “You people are always trying to spoil bids” and (b) If you don’t allow this bid the Club will be in Liquidation by the end of October and QPR will cease to exist”.

So what would you do? Would you just sit tight because the bidders seem to have plenty of cash? What sort of person would you think was right to run Rangers? Is cash the only criteria on which a bid should be measured? None of the above is imaginary (except the bit about you being elected!). These are facts surrounding the Melzack bid.

At QPR1st we have maintained a neutral stance throughout the various bids. In the main this has been because we have not been able to convince any of the bidders to bring us into their confidence (and we have been all along ready to sign confidentiality agreements etc). No detail, no comment.

However, we are all fans, as well as Committee members and, whilst we are looking to gather information to impart this to members, we have also formed opinions about the people involved in bids. Do we impart those views to you, the membership, or sit tight and allow a successful bid by anyone?

Do you trust Chris Wright to do what’s right by QPR, and do you indeed trust Chris Wright per se? (Incidentally, we checked Mr Wright’s statement about the impact of the current bid failing and putting Rangers into Liquidation. The Administrators confirmed to us that not only did they have to confirm to The Football League that the Club could last a year [to the end of the season] but that, until they “see the proverbial suitcase of cash, they are running the club” – with the aim of getting at least to the end of the season).

What’s the rush then to accept a bid for the Club now? Would you expect to get a better bid if the Club were in a position to go up to the First Division (with better income streams) or early in the season when it’s hard to tell if we will be in the First or Second Division come next May?

Incidentally, excuse us for being picky, but CW will have a major impact on whether the Club is to go into insolvency and we rather suspect that this is a route that might have an interesting outcome. But on the basis of what the Administrators advise (we expected their answer, but wished to be thorough in checking facts) insolvency’s a non-issue isn’t it?

So there we are. What do you think we should do? What would you do? Answers please to But hurry. Your club hasn’t got long to remain independent and take advantage of the likely interest from other investors at the end of the season.