Statement regarding the Friday Deadline

With news that Chris Wright has imposed a Friday deadline for any potential bidder to ‘buy back’ Wasps, QPR 1st makes the following statement:

“Having given both written and verbal assurances that he would effectively sell back either Wasps or the Twyford Avenue training ground to any bidder for Loftus Road plc, QPR 1st is dismayed at the 5.00pm Friday deadline set by Chris Wright for that option to be taken up.

Although no time limit on the ‘buy back’ was agreed at the EGM, it is our view that the deadline is unacceptable and wholly unrealistic. We do not believe it allows any bidder sufficient time to consider the option in full. We accept the need for Wasps to be able to plan properly for next season, but do not believe that extending the deadline to a minimum three weeks from the date of the announcement will have an adverse effect on those plans. We therefore call upon Chris Wright to extend the deadline to a more realistic date.

QPR 1st is also concerned that the business of the plc increasingly appears to be conducted on the back pages of the London Evening Standard. We note with concern that the Standard consistently puts forward the views of Chris Wright in a sympathetic manner, whilst ignoring the genuinely-held concerns of QPR fans and painting a false impression about the conduct of the fans in protesting about the situation at the club.

We are led to understand that Chris Jones, whose by-line appears on most of the QPR stories in the Standard, is a rugby writer, a Wasps fan and a personal friend of Chris Wright. It is quite obvious that David Mellor is also a personal friend of Chris Wright, and he too has consistently belittled the concerns of QPR fans in his Standard column. We therefore do not believe that the London Evening Standard is providing a fair and balanced view of the problems affecting QPR at this time.”