FFP Settlement

“QPR1st, the QPR Supporters Trust notes the joint QPR-English Football League statement on the settlement which entails: A fine of £17m, QPR to pay the EFL’s costs of £3 million. A transfer embargo in the 2019 January transfer window. The club’s shareholders will capitalise £21.965m of outstanding loans. A payment schedule has been agreed between the parties which will avoid endangering the financial stability of the club, with the fine being paid over 10 years.

No part of the payments to the EFL will be taken into account when calculating QPR’s future profitability and sustainability results.”


QPR 1st is glad that this sad and extended saga has finally come to a close. The bottom line is that QPR broke the Financial Fair Play rules. Whether or not the fine was excessive and unfair, or too small (as some may say) we will leave to others. But QPR is now living in a new era of small transfer and wage budgets and living within its means.

Over the past three seasons, under the leadership of CEO, Lee Hoos, QPR has indeed been cutting back. With the end of parachute payments, and no big transfer sales seemingly on the horizon, this now must continue.


We truly hope that for Tony Fernandes and the rest of the QPR Board, it truly is a case of “lessons learned!”