Chris Wright Wasps and Twyford Ave

Having written to Chris Wright last week, making a formal request for a ‘buy back’ option to be included in the sale of Wasps and Twyford Avenue (see below – Thursday 10 May), a fax communication was subsequently received from him, in which he outlined several technical reasons why it was not possible to do this.

We, in turn, have gone back to Chris Wright seeking clarification on several points, and are now awaiting a further response from him.

The option request has been made in advance of an EGM called for this Friday to approve the sale of Wasps and the Twyford Avenue training ground to Chris Wright.

Representatives from QPR 1st will attend the EGM and ask a series of pre-determined questions. However, we are interested in any general points or specific questions that QPR fans, whether as shareholders or not, have in relation to the deal.

We have set a deadline of 17.00 on Thursday 17 May to forward any questions you may have. The email address can be found below. As it is a general shareholders meeting, there is no guarantee of the opportunity for questions either to be asked or answered.

Representatives from QPR 1st will travel to Huddersfield on Saturday to take part in a meeting organised by Supporters Direct, the government-backed scheme under which QPR 1st, as a supporters trust, will operate. Although the meeting is primarily aimed at fans about to or interested in setting up a trust at their club, we are happy to provide any support, encouragement and guidance we can based on our own experiences and reasons for setting up QPR 1st.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on the election front, the launch of a new, state-of-the-art website, the drafting of the constitution under which QPR 1st will officially launch at a further public meeting, the initial postal communication with the 2,000 or so people who have registered support for QPR 1st and whose details are now stored on a database, plus a million and one other tasks that need to be undertaken in the creation of a supporters trust. We are all flat out on it, even if that doesn’t always look that way! Please be patient and you will soon see taking shape an organisation that QPR fans can be proud of.