David Thorne update

Following recent rumours that Australian, David Thorne’s interest in QPR may have cooled, the Trust Chairman, Justin Pieris contacted Mr Thorne directly. Mr Thorne stated that those rumours are completely unfounded and that there has been no change in his plans, as outlined previously on this website. He clarified that, whilst there have been some legal delays, he fully intends to complete the transaction shortly. Mr Thorne will be in England at the end of August and expects the legal side of things to have been completed well before then. We look forward to meeting him then.”

Supplementary Q & A with David Thorne

David Thorne, the Australian businessman investing in QPR Holdings, was here in the UK last week holding further talks with the club board. QPR 1st were unable to meet with David in that time. Now back in Australia, David Thorne has answered in writing some of the supplementary questions put to him by members. They are reproduced below. We would like to thank David for his swift and open response.


SQ1) Have you seen the allegedly leaked board paper, and how do you rate each of the individual options discussed?

As I am not a board member, I have not seen the paper itself but am aware of some of the points raised. As I have previously stated, from my perpective, on the key issue of the ground, IT IS NOT FOR SALE. I was aware of some discussions of a possible association with Brentford but was unaware of Ron Noades’ association and still don’t know the guy. Any groundshare must have QPR in control and ownership. The thing that bothers me about the leaked memo is who leaked it and why?

SQ2) Do you have any involvement with the Australian and New Zealand equivalents of the FA, and if so what?

Yes. I have a pending application for FIFA Match Agent, which must be endorsed by the National Association. (See below)

SQ3) It has been hinted that you have Australian/New Zealand national team contacts and that a European headquarters could be set up. How involved are you and what is the likelihood of these type of games coming to Loftus Road?

I am very involved. I am unnofficially already facilitating match
agents’ role. Games are currently under negotiation for both national teams, which is part of the reason I was in France and the UK. Facilities have been inspected by representatives of both countries. I would expect announcements later this month for games later in the year. I don’t want to get into the ‘no comment’ game, but can’t say much more until confirmed.

SQ4) How did you get involved with QPR in the first place, and did you have any prior dealings with either or any of our present board, or the administrators?

I had no prior dealings with the current board, or administrators, prior to looking at investment. Obviously, I have met administrators and worked with the current board on the project. The reason I want to keep the board on an even level is to learn about and understand individuals and how they perform before making any judgements.

SQ5) With reference to your “experience in staging large scale events, concerts, etc” have you been asked to participate in such any undertaking at Loftus Road which is not football specific?

Let’s get the football side fixed first. I am not aware of council
restrictions, etc – but will look at this further down the road.