QPR1st urges the club to pay decent wages to all staff (Chelsea 1, QPR 0)

QPR1st believes QPR should pay all its staff the Living Wage.

 While some staff are on massive wages, the club has been silent when asked its attitude to paying all staff at least the Living Wage – £9.15 an hour.

 The issue has come to the fore this week with a protest outside the Premier League, calling on clubs to pay the Living Wage, and the announcement by the first London club that all directly employed and those employed by external contractors will receive at least the Living Wage.

 QPR1st believes the club should make an announcement supporting the Living Wage for three reasons:

 1 It is the right thing to do

 2 It will show the club is genuinely interested in the local community

 3 London Mayor Boris Johnson is a strong supporter of the Living Wage and has asked all Premier League clubs to pay it.  A Mayoral Development Corporation is likely to take over all planning decisions for the Old Oak regeneration area from April. If the club expects him to approve their plans for the new stadium, they should respond to his views of what a football club should be doing to support the community.

 QPR1st believes it is the right thing to do.  While some employees are on huge wages, others, essential to the running of a club and its events should have a wage they can live on.

 QPR1st regrets the fact that it is Chelsea and not QPR that is winning praise for adopting the Living Wage.

 Boris Johnson said Chelsea were “setting the right example” with the move. He said: “They realise their team is more than just the 11 men out on the pitch, and that by putting more pounds in the pockets of their staff they are signing up to a win-win scenario that rewards a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay for everyone.”

 Sadly, according to a BBC report, no-one from QPR was able to comment on the club’s view on the Living Wage.  We believe the club should commit itself to paying it to staff and to ensuring future contracts with external contractors providing a service guarantee a Living Wage to staff involved.

 The wage, set by the Living Wage Foundation, is based on the amount needed to cover basic living. The higher living wage levels compare to the minimum wage of £6.50 an hour.

A supporter has created an online petition which we encourage our members and all qpr supporters to sign