Update 11th May

We realise everyone is keen to learn fuller details of the meeting between QPR 1st and the administrators, but there are just a couple of points contained in the draft report that we need to double-check before posting it publicly. That will be done as soon as humanly possible.

We trust you will understand, appreciate and support our need to balance the speed of supplying information with the responsibilities of reporting within the context of negotiation and diplomacy. In other words, a remit to “deliver in a controlled manner” extends to our news management, too.

The most immediate issue facing QPR 1st concerns the EGM on Friday 18 May, called to vote on the sale of Wasps and the Twyford Avenue training ground to Chris Wright.

Our view is that the deals are not advantageous to Loftus Road plc and, particularly, QPR. QPR 1st has made a formal request of Chris Wright that the deal includes:

An option in favour of Loftus Road plc to repurchase either Wasps or the Twyford Avenue training ground on the same terms as the proposed sale. This option to last for a period of 12 months.

We have asked Chris Wright to respond by close of business on Monday, and will comment further on that day.

Maurice FitzGerald writes… 

My task as an interim committee member of QPR 1st is to liaise with shareholders. In respect of the EGM, to achieve a meaningful voice, QPR1st needs to vote as one. If you wish to vote with QPR 1st could you please return your proxy form to the address given on the reply card and please identify your proxy on the form as:

Maurice Fitzgerald

As you may have noted in the press reports and leaflets, QPR 1st now has the support of nearly two million shares, making us, as a group, the fourth largest shareholder. Not bad in only a matter of weeks. Please confirm to molefitz@aol.com if you intend to return your Proxy Form in this way.